Thursday, April 28, 2005

Hollywood...and the United Nations...

Hollywood failed in it's efforts to change the outcome of the election, but it has decided to try again...this time focusing efforts on boosting the reputation of the United Nations and prompting the U.S. join the International Criminal Court (that would have the authority to prosecute American military personnel).

This is being done in the medium of film --"The Interpreter" starring; you guessed it, Sean Penn. Nicole Kidman, playing the interpreter who overhears an assassination plot to kill an African dictator, says in the film, ""I believe in this place. I believe in what it's trying to do."
"The film was not only done with the cooperation of the U.N. but the movie's official website features an "Inside the U.N." tour, where you can learn about all the positive things the U.N. has done, such as winning a Nobel Prize for its peacekeeping operations in 1988. Nothing is said about U.N. peacekeepers engaging in sexual abuse and Kofi Annan's failure to stop the genocide in Rwanda when he was director of U.N. peacekeeping."
"Arthur J. Pais, in an account published by, quotes Pollack as saying that he convinced the U.N. to cooperate with the film by telling Shashi Tharoor, the under secretary-general for communications and public information at the U.N., that "the character Nicole Kidman plays is someone passionately committed to diplomacy and believes in the principles of the U.N." Pollack said, "I wanted it to be an argument about the words versus guns." Not surprisingly, Secretary-General Kofi Annan gave his approval. Also not surprisingly, Annan joined Kidman and Penn at the U.S. premier of the film." (source)

The struggle of the film is what to do with this murderous dictator --and the solution is to turn him over to the International Criminal Court (which has no death penalty) because 'we wouldn't want more Anti-American sentiment in the world." It is Sean Penn's character (an FBI agent) that convinces the assassin to 'let the ICC dispense justice'...

"Video clips from "Inside the U.N." show then-First Lady Hillary Clinton saying, "Human rights are women's rights," and British Prime Minster Tony Blair saying, "No nation can opt out of global warming or fence in its own private climate." That's another poke in the eye at the U.S., which refuses to ratify the global warming treaty.
There's also a very short clip of President Reagan saying, "We should not confuse the signing of agreements with the solving of problems." Reagan made those remarks in New York before the United Nations General Assembly Special Session Devoted to Disarmament." (source)

I wonder if Pollack (the producer/writer) or Sean Penn is aware of the Oil for Food Scandal, the debacle of the sanctions, the sex scandals in Africa or the nepotism of Kofi Annan... I guess in their eyes it's OK to mock Bush for a DUI, but excuse the UN for turning its head to the genocide in Rwanda and now in Sudan... I would give anything to pick the brains (?) of these people....

In light of this movie This Movie and the reports that two of Paul Volker's aids quit the UN Oil for Food investigation because they felt as if Kofi Annan unduly influenced TWO investigations into his own conduct -- This begs the question just how much power does Annan and the United Nations actually wield? Now more than ever, we NEED John Bolton!

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