Friday, April 29, 2005

Higher (?) Education #973...

Apparently it is now perfectly acceptable to teach conspiracy theories for college credits. As if the Bruce Springsteen class wasn't bad enough! Wesleyan College in North Carolina is offering a 'course' taught by Professor Jane Christensen entitled, "9/11: The Road to Tyranny".
Being taught this spring, the course explores the validity of the
government's official 9/11 story, the many alternative theories advanced and the way the war on terrorism has drastically changed American life...We are examining the official story and will analyze it critically. We will consider alternative explanations of what occurred on 9/11 and how it became a catalyst for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the attack on civil liberties in the United States."(source)

Sound pretty fair and balanced? Not propaganda at all! The only question that remains unanswered is if Michael Moore will be a guest speaker when they view the required viewing of Fahrenheit 911. I speculate about this because the Professor admits that she will be relying on "eyewitness accounts, alternative news sources and 'documentaries'.
"Some of the required texts and website readings include:
--Michael Collins Piper, "FBI Admits No Evidence Links Hijackers to 911",
American Free Press. FBI Admits: No Evidence
--Michael Parenti, The Terrorism Trap. San Francisco, City Lights Books,
--"Infowars 911 archive", Alex Jones. Alex Jones'
--Michael Chossudovsky, "The Mysterious Breakfast Meeting on Capitol Hill",
Global research, August 4, 2003. Mysterious September 11 Breakfast Meeting on Capitol Hill, Michel Chossudovsky." (source)

What grade will the person that disagrees with Ms. Christensen receive when they submit their 10-12 page final paper that surmises that 9/11 happened because we ignored the growing threat of growing Islamo-fascism? Should be interesting.

(Ironically, as I was searching for a picture to correspond with this post I typed ‘North Carolina Wesleyan College’ into [my top secret search engine] and THIS is one of the pictures that came up...)

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