Saturday, April 23, 2005


I am insane about things matching. Ask Justrose or AB --fanatical about it... Even undergarments must match as you never know when you might end up in the back of an ambulance having your favorite shirt carelessly cut from your body.

I like to pretend that everyone uses Netscape and views my page at 1162 X 864, but deep down I know it aint so... Yesterday Netscape was being temperamental so I had to *gulp* use IE for the day --and, oh God, was it depressing. Internet Explorer has decided that it would rather dictate what my template looks like than let me do it. It has somehow overridden the codes that I put in. I was horrified to realize those of you using IE think I have some insane sense of a color scheme in my head. Netscape honors my color and sizing decisions while IE mocks me.

How is this? I know HTML only enough to hack what's there. Those using IE should know that the borders around the 'About Me' picture, the e-mail icon and the 'liberal advisory' SHOULD be orange. Also the sidebar SHOULD NOT be 25" wide. How do I make IE recognize the codes that are there? Damn Bill Gates... I will lose sleep over this!

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