Thursday, April 28, 2005

Handcuffed -Update

When little Jieesha Scott was asked why she began destroying her classroom (the act that set off the chain of events that eventually led to her being flex-cuffed) she answered, "Because I wanted to get out of that school".
As to why she kept hitting the Principle --"She kept following me and wouldn’t leave me alone".
...for those that said she was only five and she didn't know what she was doing, well, it would seem to me she knew exactly what she was doing...

And the lawyer for the mother, *sigh*, talking 'long term effects'...
"The amount is unspecified at this point. We really are going to have to have the girl thoroughly evaluated by professionals to see what long-term damage is going to come of this. Clearly she was traumatized. …She's doing well in her new class. But we're concerned about the long-term effects of this."
He also went on to say, "The educators have available to them a number of resources: special counseling, alternative classes, special education. This girl should have been evaluated. She was identified as having problems. This child shouldn't be in the regular class if there was a problem."
I would argue that educators have no resources --and none of the things that he lists could have stopped the girl from falling off the table she kept climbing on and breaking her leg --at which point the mother would have sued because the child wasn't restrained and allowed to hurt herself. (source)

Great Article about this...

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