Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Frivolous Lawsuits...not just American anymore

A woman in Scotland is suing the hospital (and subsequently the National Health Service) that aborted twins that she was carrying in 2001. One of the twins lived.
"Jayde, the baby who survived, is now three years old and her mother, Stacy Dow, is filing suit for damages. She's seeking the cost she will incur of raising Jayde, an estimated $600,000 plus.

"I have got a child now that I wasn't planning to have and I believe the hospital should take some responsibility for that," Dow told a London newspaper.

The hospital, located in Perth, Scotland, failed to "take reasonable care to establish that the [abortion] had been successful," Dow said." (source)

The simple joys of socialized medicine...now, not only have UK taxpayers funded the initial abortion, but now they will most likely pay to raise the child that survived. Believe it or not there is precedence for this in the UK. A British woman was awarded $20,000 when one of her twins survived a failed abortion. (source)

I wonder what this woman will end up telling baby Jayde about her origin in this world...about her twin and about the 'money they have' (should she win)...

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