Sunday, April 10, 2005


Even though I haven't watched much Fox lately (aka Schiavo and Pope TV), it's still my favorite channel to have on during the day. Surprise, Surprise right? Early on in my blogging foray I posted about the fact that I had never watched Fox News even once until the end of 2003. Imagine that, a republican who had never seen Fox and ONLY watched CNN (and 'Meet the Press' of course). I liked Aaron Brown and even emailed back and forth with him a few times. The Man had a crush on Heidi Collins and Crossfire used to be entertaining.

But Fox is a better channel. It has better (and more attractive) anchors. It has better programming (thank God they don't have that crappy 'People in the News' segment where Paula Zahn talks about Whoopi Goldberg's childhood for an hour) and they are live more often. I have watched both (CNN longer) and am an all-day watcher. I still flip around at night, but if I could only have one channel it would be FNC.

Apparently most people agree with me. Fox's ratings are more than CNN's and MSNBC's put together. I only bring this up because I read an article about Roger Ailes and I wanted to share some of his quotes that I found interesting:

"Fox's journalism is in fine shape and noted that Fox News hasn't faced the kind of journalism scandals that have hit other news organizations. "We have not been investigated, and we have not fired our lead anchors, our producers and our executive editors. So our stuff has been pretty good." (True, FNC is one of the only news channels -including the networks- that hasn't faced a major scandal).

"Fox News has no agenda. His charge to his reporters and anchors is simple: "If you make a mistake, get on the air as fast as you can and admit it. ... Do your homework. Make sure you reach out to a point of view you don't agree with to be sure you have some balance in your piece, because journalists, despite the public perception, are not empty-headed fools. They actually come to the job with some ideas and biases." (Also true, EVERYONE has a bias one way or another about EVERY issue and to deny it is asinine)

"When Auletta asked him whether the media have a "conscious bias," Ailes said: "I don't know whether it's conscious or not. I think people who are biased to the left and right are by and large honest people who bring their life experience to whatever their beliefs are. I don't think there's some conspiracy of bias to the left, but I do think that New York and Los Angeles have different views than many people that I know from other parts of the country." (source)

I don't watch Fox to have my opinions validated... I watch Fox because it's a better channel.

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