Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Feminists...who qualifies?

Members of NOW and NARAL may disdain me for my views on abortion, nursing, daycare and the role of women in general, but I have been called a 'femi-nazi' by quite a few liberal men... How can the two sides of me co-exist? I guess this depends on what traits you feel a feminist embodies. The official definition from is "Belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes", and by this definition I would hope that everyone is a feminist.

I recently described myself as an 'old school conservative with a porn star twist' and I think I like that description... Do I think that women are equal to any non-physical task that a man is...YES. Do I think that women should be eligible for every physical activity that a man is...NO. If my house is burning and my children are inside -there is no room for political correctness...I do not want some 120 lb. woman wearing 75lbs. of gear trying to get my boys. I want the man, thank you. I don't think women should be in combat or police officers (yes, there is always the muscle bound exception).I think women are better nurturers for children; I think women can be a CEO as effectively as a man...but once she decides to procreate she shouldn't. I think women should nurse their babies and stay home with them. I do not think that keeping my house clean, cooking for my man and being a stay-at-home mom makes me a docile subservient woman...I think it makes me a strong self-disciplined one that knows the meaning of self-sacrifice.

There are the famous feminists, like Catherine McKinnon, who have claimed that "pornography is not simply speech, but active sex discrimination, and is therefore not protected by the First Amendment. Any speech that subordinates women, any pornography, is yelling "fire!" in a crowded theater." (source) There is also Andrea Dworkin (who died on Saturday and is pictured to the Here) who compared marriage to legalized rape (which, after seeing her picture, may be attributed to the fact that she was bitter because no one would sleep with her). She referred to marriage laws as "mandated intercourse" in her book Intercourse. (source)

Why can't women enjoy sex? Since when did the men have the market cornered on orgasms and sexual exploration? I was raised with the edict that anything goes within the marriage bed and I subscribe to that theory fully. If you want to wear wigs, watch porn, use toys or just lay there like a British girl --that's YOUR business. But, to imply that I am less of a women because I do does not make these women more evolved...just bitter and alone. I am also of the mind that couples (usually initiated by the women) SHOULD do more to keep their sex lives active and exciting...if more couples did; I think divorce rates would go down dramatically.

So I have no idea where I fit into the feminist spectrum... I just live my life the way I think is best for me and my family --and for me that's June Cleaver with a great secret stash drawer. It's been working for me so far.


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