Friday, April 29, 2005

Ahhhh...School Projects...

Open Question to Teachers:

Why do you assign projects that are way beyond the capacity of the child charged with completing said project? You know that a parent will end up doing it and most of us have already graduated high school and in many cases college and grad school. We don't really need to make 'About Me' posters and 'Spring Themed Hats'...or do we? Does each generation do it for the younger --making sure we all get our turn to be covered in Paper Mache and getting our fingers stuck together with Crazy Glue?

A Kindergartener can not make a 'theme' hat by themselves. And if they have an anal parent like me they are barely allowed to help --what self respecting parent would let thier six year old parade in front of the whole school in something that they crafted themselves. I know I know, some would --I learned that after looking at the aforementioned 'About Me' posters. Some of them were actually done on a ripped off piece of grocery store brown bag...ripped, not even cut. A piece of poster board is $1 people...and J's school is not a financially challenged one. I get the whole "he made it himself' thing, but you didn't have to tell us...we knew that by looking at it.

Justice said to me this afternoon, "Mom, I think I'm definitely going to win. Remember how crappy the 'About Me' posters were?"

I didn't have the heart to tell him that *I* would be the one winning --or-- that public schools no longer let kids WIN because that would mean that other kids would LOSE and that could damage their psyche forever... Hooray for mandated mediocrity in the public school system of America!

Spring Theme Hat for today's Hat Parade...
The Hat...
(notice the handcrafted popsicle stick picnic table)

**This is a very tongue-in-cheek post...I love doing projects for with Justice, though I could do without the Super Glue binding my middle and index fingers together**

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