Monday, April 18, 2005

The Aftermath...

...of the Terri Schiavo case. What will it be?

A new Harris poll show that 55% of the public agreed with how Michael Schiavo handled this matter.
Yet, 58% disapprove how Congress acted
- 54% disapprove President Bush's involvement
- 51% disapprove of how Gov. Jeb Bush entangled himself
- 57% disapprove of the FL legislature that gave the Governor the authority to intervene. (source)

"A poll by CBS News poll also found that 82 percent of Americans objected to the congressional and presidential intrusions in the case." (source)

The Democrats are already salivating at the prospect of using the Schiavo/Schindler case to their advantage. "Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, who has accused congressional Republicans of "grandstanding" in the Terri Schiavo case, said his party will use it against the GOP in coming elections." (source)
Dean went on to say, "We're going to use Terri Schiavo later on." (LAT)"This is going to be an issue in 2006, and it's going to be an issue in 2008 because we're going to have an ad with a picture of [House Majority Leader] Tom DeLay saying, `Do you want this guy to decide whether you die or not? Or is that going to be up to your loved ones?" (source)

There is also the fact that recently released reports found no abuse relating to Terri Schindler Schiavo.
"In the four years after Michael Schiavo won the right to remove his wife's feeding tube, the state's social welfare agency investigated 89 complaints of abuse but never found that he or anybody else harmed Terri Schiavo" in the 45 pages of documents released Friday by the Department of Children and Families. (source)
"The state Department of Children and Families repeatedly concluded that Michael Schiavo ensured his wife's physical and medical needs were met, provided proper therapy for her and had no control over her money. They also found no evidence that he beat or strangled her, as his detractors have repeatedly charged."
"In at least one case, the caller found the evidence of Terri Schiavo's alleged abuse on the Internet. In January 2004, a female caller reported that Terri Schiavo had an infection on her stomach, at the site of her feeding tube, that was not being treated. But, when questioned, she said she had no first-hand knowledge. She "stated that her information on current infections and lack of treatment was from Yahoo chatline," the report said."source)

So where does this leave us? No abuse found, husband had no monetary control of Terri's money, vast public disapproval at Congressional intervention, plans already in the works by the DNC to 'use' the incident, and people rightly scared that legislators could keep them 'alive' against their wishes...

...I am not sure, but it doesn't look like it will be a good place.

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