Wednesday, April 20, 2005

ACLU Border Tokers Caught on Film...!

The ACLU has been sending 'Legal Observers' to watch over the 'Minutemen Project' at the Arizona/Mexico border...

"The American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona, in its traditional role as a guardian of civil liberties, announced today that it will be providing legal observers throughout the month of April at the site of the Minuteman Project at the Arizona-Mexico Border. Observers will also monitor law enforcement activity and note any infringements on the First Amendment-protected activities of all of the groups."(source -ACLU website)

So, what were these 'Legal Observers' doing while they were monitoring the police and the group of people looking to prevent illegal border activity? It would seem that they were partaking in an illegal activity themselves!
Take a look at pictures taken by SE Arizona Republic Club (who charges that "American Civil Liberties Union activists shadowing the Minuteman Project at the U.S.-Mexican border in Arizona are actively aiding and abetting aliens attempting to enter the country illegally")

The proof is in the pics...
Midnight Toker

Someone commenting over at Free Republic claimed to be one of these 'observers' and says they were only 'rolling cigarettes'. PLeeease. Just stop. I lived in the U.K. for a year, and did in fact roll my own cigarettes... and that's not what they look like --you don't roll cigarettes like fat little joints.
Michelle Malkin is also covering this and writes "I've contacted the ACLU of Arizona for comment. Also am tracking down the person who took the photos. I've been informed that the Cochise County Sheriff's Office has the pictures and has received a complaint, but is unlikely to take action."

If the left-leaning blogs can waste time complaining about Ann Coulter being 'allowed' to grace the Cover of Time Magazine, we on the right can surely take some time to explore the illegal activities of official ACLU representatives...

Hat Tip to Jay777 @ Stop the ACLU.

Border Patrol supports the Minutemen...and says ACLU is exaggerating claims against them...

"The largest local union of Border Patrol agents in the country has declared its support for the Minuteman Project in Arizona, while at the same time slamming both the American Civil Liberties Union and President Bush.

According to its website, the U.S. Border Patrol Local 2544, which covers the Tucson sector of the agency, the volunteers involved in the border-monitoring Minuteman Project have been nothing but supportive.

The group blames the ACLU for setting off ground sensors in the area of the Minutemen activities:

"Reports of [Minutemen] causing 'ground sensors' to go off are exaggerated because most of those are being set off by the ACLU sneaking around trying to find the Minutemen doing something wrong." (source)

Hat tip to TrekMedic251 @ Is This Life?

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