Thursday, March 10, 2005

Shock and Awe

December 7, 2005 -"When asked this morning if George Bush should receive any credit for the elections in Iraq and the wave of democracy flooding the Arab Street, Ted Kennedy looked like he had swallowed a watermelon. But to Ted's credit he chokingly admitted Bush did deserve the credit--that what has been happening there has been enormously constructive. Kennedy even allowed how Bush has immersed himself in the process of rallying the world to make a democracy in Iraq." (source)

President Clinton has also been praising Bush and the other night on the Daily show John Stewart may have summed up feeling in the Democratic party when he said, "Oh no, I can't believe this idiot is going to succeed in bringing peace to the Middle East."

There is still a lot that can (and probably will) go wrong. There have been some milestones in the past year and hopefully more will emerge proving 'The Bush Doctrine' right. Hopefully the Pink Revolution will continue to grow in Iran, Syria will finally exit Lebanon and the Palestinians will make the most of Gaza and Ariel Sharon's efforts....THEN we can say a collective...I TOLD YOU SO....

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