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Remember them AND Respect them....

remember them...

Kyle C. Gilbert, of the C Company, 2nd Battalion, 235th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division from Fort Bragg, NC, was killed by a sniper in Iraq (he dove from his humvee to rescue a downed soldier). "In Kyle's pocket was his last will and testament and a handwritten note. It began, "Dear Mom and Dad, By the time you read this I will have died for my country. Please don't be sad." (source)

Just a few days before Gilbert's tragic death, he had talked to his mother on the phone and had begged, "Just don't forget me." That phrase is now etched on the granite stone that sits on the bridge, in Brattleboro, Vt., which was dedicated to Gilbert on November 11, 2004. The full inscription reads: "Kyle Charles Gilbert. As Kyle said, "Just Don't Forget Me." BRATTLEBORO REMEMBERS ALL THE BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN WHO SERVED OUR COUNTRY OR MADE THE SUPREME SACRIFICE IN IRAQ."

This was not the original dedication. The people of Brattleboro are severely divided over the war. Many in the town are far-left liberals (descendants of communes that settled there in the 1960's) and the rest rural traditionalists. The war protestors took almost every word in the original dedication to task --and are still unhappy with the current memorial...claiming that the "memorial's presence glorified the war, however inadvertently, and ignored Iraqi victims." (source)
The dedication was supposed to read:
The picture of the eagle was said to be 'jingoistic'.
'Freedom isn't free' was said to be a pro-war slogan.
'Operation Iraqi freedom' was "Pentagon propaganda"...

Even after all the changes made before the final stone made its way to the bridge --there were still protestors on the day of the dedication. Are there really people like this out there? People that would attempt to deny a soldier his last wish --after he dies heroically -- People that claim to care about the Iraqi people, yet would re-open wounds for the soldier’s parents over and over with no regard.

Something about this story just stuck with elucidates the disregard for the troops from many on the left (despite their lip service). Claim to be humanitarian and compassionate, but hurt the parents who lost their only child without a second thought to anyone's feelings but their own. Though the memorial is significantly watered down and PC...I am glad that the battle is over and it is finally in place to honor the sacrifice of twenty year Old Kevin Gilbert.

respect them...
I don't usually support the whole 'boycott this company' thing...BUT, I think everyone should boycott WELLS FARGO HOME MORGAGE.

Sgt. Steve Welter has been serving in Iraq since September and now Wells Fargo is attempting to foreclose on his home, where his wife and three children live, while he is there.

Sgt. Welter should be able to fight this action under the 'Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act' which states: "No sale, foreclosure or seizure of property ... shall be valid if made during the period of military service."

Before Welter's military training began the family's credit was good, but his military paychecks are significantly smaller than those he normally receives from the Fire Department. Welter sent Wells Fargo a letter that read: "Please consider that I am fighting for this country and everyone's way of life." (source)
*Thanks to AFSister for this story

protesting memorials and taking homes from deployed soldiers...what are some people in this country thinking...?!

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