Tuesday, March 22, 2005


More on pedophiles and the flawed 'registration system' that relies on an honor code for those with no honor...

"In Texas, for instance, authorities have used global positioning satellite systems with transmitters attached to offenders in an effort to track their movement." (source)
"We asked Austin Police Chief Paul Philipp whether ankle bracelets might be an alternative for tracking those who don't check in with authorities. He says the cost might be prohibitive." (source)

Liking Texas more and more... Now here is a program I would gladly hand my tax dollars over to!

Oil-for-Food Scandal: "Former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker will release a report March 29 on whether the U.N. chief and his son were involved in wrongdoing over the Iraqi oil-for-food program, officials said Monday. ...In a bid to curry favor and end sanctions, Saddam allegedly gave former government officials, activists, journalists and U.N. officials vouchers for Iraqi oil that could then be resold at a profit." (source)

The report should make for fascinating reading and I am curious to see how much press it will get from the MSM. To date they have yet to mention it in more than a fleeting statement here and there.

The scandal gets more convoluted if you believe Peter Arnett's latest article, "Blood and Betrayal". The article documents a plot by Uday Hussien to overthrow his father. He had secured the allegiance of the top members of the Saddam Fedayeen --and was planning the coup until American bombs began falling on Baghdad. Uday had used money from private oil deals to finance the plans. (source)

Michael Schiavo has invited President Bush and Gov. Jeb Bush to Terri's hospice room to meet her.

"Come down, President Bush," Schiavo said in the Times interview Saturday. "Come talk to me. Meet my wife. Talk to my wife and see if you get an answer. Ask her to lift her arm to shake your hand. She won't do it. She won't, because she can't. Terri died 15 years ago," Michael Schiavo said, referring to her collapse in 1990 that cut off oxygen to her brain, leaving her seriously brain injured and unable to talk." (source)

"By nearly three to one, registered voters across religions, party and gender lines told pollsters they disagree with the intervention. While Bush and GOP legislators acted at the request of Terri Schiavo's parents to keep their daughter alive by overruling the wishes of her husband and a court, an overwhelming number of the poll's respondents believe that a spouse should determine whether an incapacitated person without a living will should be taken off life support." (source)

A poll cited by FNC this morning indicated that over 80% of Evangelicals and 73% of Conservatives would NOT want to live in Terri's condition.

My solution: Have the husband and the parents agree on three of the best doctors in the world that have expertise in this area...and abide by what they say.

Rummy and the 'Post-War Miscalculations': "Asked what the biggest mistake of the war effort had been, Rumsfeld said if "we had been successful in getting the 4th Infantry Division to come in through Turkey in the north when our forces were coming up from the south, out of Kuwait, I believe that a considerably smaller number of the Baathists and the regime elements would have escaped. As a result, the insurgency would have been at a lesser intensity than it is today." "Turkey denied the United States permission to use the country to invade Iraq from the north." (source)

I have heard many military analysts and arm-chair generals express the same frustration about Turkey and what that decision did to the aftermath of the initial invasion. For all the criticism that has been leveled against Rumsfeld --this key point always seems to be removed from the equation.

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