Saturday, March 12, 2005

Pee-ay: The State of Independence

The Man and I have toyed with moving a few times in our old married life of eight years...but something always stops us. We had a very lucrative offer to move to the Outer Banks (our home away from home), yet here we are firmly planted in the suburbs of Philadelphia... in good 'ol PA (Pee-ay). Why? We went back and forth with hundreds of pros and cons... Maybe 'safer' in the south, but stability and family here (and so forth), but when it came right down to it both of us realized that we live in the best state in the country. I know a bold pronouncement, but hear me's true. We are right in the center of the action --and we have quick access to anything a person could possibly want...

Want to see a show or shop at Barneys? Drive two hours and you are in Manhattan. You don't even have to drive actually --you can hop on a train and be there in no time. Want to go to the beach? Drive and hour and you are in Northern Jersey beaches...Seaside Heights and Pt. Pleasant. In an hour and a half you can be in Atlantic City playing the slots to your hearts content. For the younger crowd, a two and a half hour trip will get you to ChildWildwood and the Southern Beaches in Jersey (we call it 'the shore' --not the beach).

Don't worry...if a day in Manhattan or fun in the sun isn't your thing --you can be in the Pocono Mountains in an hour and a half. There are OUTLETS(!) and waterfalls, (real) lakes, Mom and Pop diners and quaint cabins to rent. Hunting, fishing and yes, outlet shopping. Two hours west we have Lancaster (Amish country) with horse and buggies, shoofly pie, great quilts, Hershey Park and the best B&B's anywhere.

Saving the best for last --Center City Philadelphia. The best part is you don't have to live in Philly to enjoy it. You can live on a farm in Quakertown and be in downtown Philly to enjoy the TONS of great restaurants in 45 minutes. Jones, Zanzibar Blue, The Continental, Vietnam, Cuba Libre, Bookbinders, Le Bec Fin, The Mexican Post and Taconellis (Best pizza ever!) Also Walnut Street...we have Diesel, Tiffany, Burberry, Urban Outfitters, Lucky... and for the less shallow there are TONS of theatres and art galleries, quaint bars and rambunctious ones. There are old record shops, cozy coffee shops, used book stores and great consignment shops. There is South Street and Penns Landing. We must not forget the historical side of Philly...the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, the National Constitution Center, The Betsy Ross House, the Edgar Allen Poe Museum and the notorious Mutter Museum.

My favorite thing is that we have four distinct seasons. I love that. Spring and fall are my favorites...but with all four it allows for a very diverse wardrobe. So you see...we might think about moving and living somewhere in a small town where everybody knows our name and all that --but truthfully, once you have lived here and had access to all that is offered how could you go somewhere with less. We have decided to stay right where we are...knowing that when we need a change of scenery anything we want is only two hours away... So here in Pee-ay Tesco and ALa plan to stay…

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