Monday, March 21, 2005

Monday Vociferation

There are no words to describe how sick I have been all weekend over the murder of Jessie Lunsford at the hands of a CONVICTED sex offender. I don't even have the strength to reiterate all that I have said on this site in the past about this subject. Suffice it to say that THIS NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED...but alas, here in America pedophiles need rights too. HERE, once again, I am linking the list of sex offenders registered through Meagan's Law. Be vigilant people. Check the list. Talk to local law enforcement (they will often tell you things that can't legally be on the list). Do not purchase a new home without being aware. Do not trust the courts or the laws to protect your children...the perverts have more rights than you do. Write the ACLU a thank you letter for that.

Ready to pull out my hair over this case. Seriously. Two part annoyance on my part. First area of contention: Fellow CONSERVATIVES --STOP being hypocrites here. You have all bitched for the last four years about 'activist judges' and 'legislating from the bench' and now (when it is in your perceived interest) you are DOING THE SAME DAMN THING. Not only are you trying to promote activist judges, but also activist Governors and Congress. Second: Please educate yourself on the natural process of starving to death...that is how people die. It is most likely how you will die. This woman hasn't had a thing pass her lips in 15 years. She will feel no hunger pain the way you and I would. They are not killing Terri -they are allowing her body to do what IT HAS BEEN TRYING TO DO for the last fifteen years. What if someone said to you...Terri can live but you must take her place... No way right --because WHO would want to 'live' like that? (OK...stone me now...)

To finish my tirade here, I would like to publicly lambaste the Boyd Transfer Company whose truck driver slammed into The Man without a thought of hitting his breaks. Thank you for ruining the last two years of our lives. Thank you for all the lost work, the totaled truck, the pain, the knee surgery, the bills, and the slipped disc. Thank you, Boyd, for hiring incompetent drivers and giving them CDLs. Thank you for being so generous in your offer to give us $35K which wouldn't even have paid for the truck your driver smashed into an accordion.

Ok...I think I feel better now...

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