Thursday, March 17, 2005

In the Sandbox...(Challenge Series)

Mr. Nimbus

"...The other day, we were escorting the deputy governor to Baqubah when a guy pulled up to us and blew himself up in his car, while trying to take us out. Hilarious! He only managed to kill himself. The BEST part is that his jackass terrorist friend was videotaping it and Al-Jazeera aired it, reporting that a bomber rammed the deputy governor and 3 Americans died. Our only casualty was a slightly cracked windshield. And he didn't ram us, he pulled off on the shoulder and detonated. Does Dan Rather work for Al-Jazeera? If anyone can tell me where to find that video clip on the internet, a lot of us in my company are curious as to whether they taped it while hiding in a certain village.

On a separate note, keeping my political and personal opinions out of this medium gets frustrating. But since I'll be home soon, if anyone wants to get into it over a few beers, I'm always game...."

~RedSix, "The End" post, 2-17-05
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