Wednesday, March 16, 2005

In the Sandbox...(Challenge Series)

Cigarette Smoking Man From The X-Files
a.k.a. Ciggy

"I'm homesick as Hell.

I've felt this before, of course, it's part of life as a Soldier. Last time I was struck with it was weeks ago, in the shower of all places. I suddenly realized just how much I'm going to miss this year. Everything I could be going with my wife that I can't because of this stupid war. My chest felt hollow, scooped out, and my throat tightened up. Panic danced just outside my mind, almost frantic with the want, the need to be Home. I wanted to cry, to shout, to throw down my rifle and shout,"Enough already! I've had enough. I want to go Home!"
Instead I pressed my forehead against the cool tile and fought for control."

~Red2Alpha, "Weak" post, 5-13-05
This is Your War

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