Saturday, March 26, 2005

In the Sandbox...

Redleg in the 'Stan...

I had planned for a different kind of Sandbox today (since the real purpose of this is to make sure we keep our troops present in our minds each day)...but John at Castle Argghhh! beat me to it with this post.

Redleg injured his ankle bone while executing a night jump (his post about it here)
This is what I left in his comments:

"I am really sorry for you and understand what a big let down this is for you. I respect you more than you know...upset you can't go, when some are hiding in Canada.
You will be in all of our thoughts..."

And for the Sandbox today I wanted to do a comparison of those cowards fleeing to Canada (like Jeremy Hinzman) and those truly honorable men, like Redleg, who are heartbroken to see their men leave without them.

Thank you Redleg for being what we all think a soldier should be!
(A Redleg's Perspective and Redleg in the Sandbox)

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