Monday, March 07, 2005

Higher Education?!

Nothing should really surprise me anymore, right? Dean's tour of the Deep South, Ward Churchill being hailed by the left, Hillary morphing into a hawk... BUT...

I must admit that when I learned that a college in New York had a political science department that was offering a class teaching politics based solely on Bruce Springsteen lyrics, I was shocked.

Here is the listing from their course offering catalogue:

"Politics Department, 10323, POLS 195, 0W
Political Themes in the Lyrics of Bruce Springsteen (SA) 3 credits
M/T/W/Th/F, 9-1:00, Dr. J. Massaro

This course examines political themes in the life and lyrics of musician and "Poet of the Turnpike," Bruce Springsteen. Particular themes explored include populism, republicanism, nationalism, patriotism, the work (and play) ethics, religion, manhood, love, and human relationships. The course will feature substantial in-class exposure to Springsteen's music while maintaining both a scholarly perspective and a spirit of joy and fun." (source)

This class courtesy of: Potsdam (SUNY) The State University of New York.

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