Saturday, March 19, 2005

Great Idea...

Many of the items that were wanted desperately by our deployed troops in the beginning of OEF and OIF are now readily available in the PX stores on the bases. (Razors, soap, socks, diaper rash cream, wet wipes, etc.) I thought the phone cards were a great idea, but now "Gifts from the Homefront" has done one certificates to the Post Exchange.

You can go HERE and send a gift certificate to anyone that's deployed, at Walter Reed or on bases here in the U.S. I am sure the soldiers love receiving the packages (and they usually only cost about $6 to mail) but using these certificates they can get things that they really need (not just what we think they need). The soldiers that I write to are very shy about asking for anything specific...and this can solve that problem.

You can send one to any soldier or you can use this link and send one to someone specific. Also through the site you can send a GIFT of groceries. Too cool.

Mail to Iraq and Afghanistan has been moving slowly (my last package to Iraq took over a month to get there) --this can alleviate the wait time and get your soldier/marine what he needs right away!

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