Sunday, March 20, 2005

First Blogosphere Meeting...

Yesterday night the long awaited meeting between Big&Mean, JustRose, 92alpha and ALa finally took place. (Much to his dismay, Tesco was in too much pain to go).

After their three hour flight from the great state of Texas, Mr. & Mrs. Big and Mean met us at Jones Restaurant at 7th & Chestnut.

The food was great (I ordered 'Thanksgiving dinner' and there was key lime pie with raspberries for all when it was time for dessert), but the conversation was better. We talked about all of you (some of you more than others...) Ahhhh, blogosphere gossip. Everyone agreed that Mr. Nimbus seems like the nicest blogger from across the aisle. Unanimous consensus that Free is our invaluable resident bomb-thrower. Our favorites and most-annoyings were virtually identical...but, of course, I can not divulge that information... (*hint* those on the right need not fret).

Upholding all preconceived notions about Texas hospitality the Big&Mean's came armed with presents for the boys. Wooden Texas pop-guns ("Now don't point them at any of the liberals at the bar", B&M told them in his Texas drawl), Texas t-shirts and bull key chains (Thanks to you too ~Jen~). In the kindest of gestures they brought a commemorative George W. Bush baseball (replete with pictures of the CIC) in a mounted case for me. Needless to say, I was thrilled.

So, thank you Big & Mean and Mrs. Big & Mean for taking time from your vacation and meeting up with the Philly bloggers. We loved meeting you ...and, hopefully, the next time it will be on Texas soil!

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