Sunday, March 13, 2005

A Few Things You Should Know About...

It's been a while since I talked about some of my newest finds over there in the permalink that's what I am doing today...

First off, I think I am being added to the "Philly Future" website/blogfeed. JustRose and Pax Romano are already members, but I never considered submitting my blog because I assumed it was only left-leaning sites. The editor emailed yesterday and said that he was adding me --so Rock on to a bi-partisan Philly!

One of the best finds of the past couple months was A Cavalcade of Fun --which is driven by the always witty, usually sarcastic and inventive writer...Retarius. His site is not right...nor is it left --it is not political (Hooray!) Actually, THIS is the most political thing he has written --and fans of The Onion will definitely appreciate it. So if you are looking to escape the partisan talking points and just need to shake your head and laugh...bookmark his site!

Our very own GirlGrey has officially joined the blogger ranks with the creation of her own blog baby -Grey-Shangrila. To date this is not a political site either and she promises that "at least once in each posting a beauteous moment will be offered up to you, revered reader..." So go check it out and say welcome...

Three great milblogs have recently been brought to my attention...This is Your War -written by Red2Alpha (a US Army Infantryman currently in Iraq). There is some buzz that this 31 year old may give CBFTW a run for his money... I'll have to read a bit longer before I can make that call. (Thanks to CaliValleyGirl for sending me his link) The second is Armor Geddon (brought to my attention by Jpck20). The author, REDSIX, has just left Iraq and is in currently in Germany --but he promises to keep the stories coming.
Last, but not least, there is Castle Argghhh!...I know some of you have been reading for a while --but those that haven't check it out! This site always has a bit of's poignant, witty and expertly run by 'retired warriors' (with an array of guest posters). Well worth the click!

Take some extra time this March Sunday and check out these great finds...enjoy!

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