Monday, March 14, 2005

Carisa Ashe -Update
Recall the Atlanta D.A.

There is a movement underfoot to rally the people of Atlanta to recall Fulton County District Attorney, Paul Howard. This movement, being spearheaded by Southeastern Legal Foundation, is in response to the Carisa Ashe case -- Howard made the deal for her voluntary sterilization and no jail time for the brutal murder of her infant girl.

Bill O'Reilly has been highlighting this D.A.'s involvement in this case. Paul Howard is angry about the negative national attention he is now receiving and (because he is a Democrat) is making O'Reilly's concern over the fact that he is excusing murderers -- a partisan issue. Howard's office is sending out this email in response to the outrage over his willingness to make a deal that let Ashe walk free with no jail time for murder:

"I know that you have heard about this case, perhaps from Bill O'Reilly. I suspect you may have been given a terribly misguided impression of both the case itself and my office's approach to it." - Paul Howard, Fulton Country District Attorney via email, 2/25/05

Destiny Ashe was five weeks old. She was a preemie and had only been home from the hospital for TWO DAYS. Carisa Ashe has given birth to eight children (she's 34). Six have been taken away from her, one is missing and she has been convicted of killing little Destiny. The autopsy of baby Destiny showed that her cause of death (in all probability)was blows to the head (and not 'just' shaken baby syndrome). There was head trauma and hemorrhage in the brain. Pathologists agree that at 5 weeks the baby could not have done this to herself (banging head on crib, etc) The D.A. claims that the autopsy is in dispute...but all forensic pathologists agree, so who is disputing? The 'mother'? "The doctors were prepared to so testify before the deal was made, but they never testified. One of the doctors who did the autopsy is a medical examiner from Michigan, planning to testify, and the deal was made before she could testify. There is no doubt this baby was beat to death." ~Dr. Michael Baden, Forensic Pathologist/Criminal Analyst

So, a woman that was capable of beating to death (when the story first broke I assumed that it was shaken baby syndrome) her premature five week old daughter that had only been in her care for two days...was given surgery and sent on her way. This was not decided on by a jury --this was a decision made by District Attorney Paul Howard.

Email Atlanta's D.A. and let him know how you feel about this plea bargain deal. This is not a partisan issue.

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