Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Big Brother...

By now we have all read (or heard) about the various bloggers that have been fired over things they have written about their jobs, about their sex lives, and even about their religions (Dooce-disowned Mormon).

Also about the employees fired because they wouldn't (or couldn't) stop smoking after their company demanded it. What's next? Can this company fire employees that are overweight? My doctor told me that someone who is obese that doesn't exercise is worse off health-wise than someone who smokes and exercises. What about a CEO that goes skydiving on the weekends? Are they more of a risk than the smoker and the obese employee? Who gets to set the perimeters?

Now the CEO of Boeing has been fired for having an extramarital affair with a co-worker.

The courts seem to be upholding decisions such as these. How much of yourself do you owe to your company? Is the Blogosphere becoming the catalyst for the dreaded Big Brother? Can your place of employment dictate whom you sleep with or whether you write about it? At what price is that professional/personal line blurred? $26K, $50K, $150K? How much control should a company be entitled to have over their employees...?

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