Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Big Brother -Part II

There seemed to be some mixed feelings about how far an employers power can reach when it comes to personal lives...

This story doesn't exactly apply because it took place at a private (Christian) school where the parents had signed a statement agreeing to certain policies before their child was enrolled...(but it's still another story of an institution attempting to change what you do in your personal life...)

Michelle Gabrielleson's son Chandler is a first grader (6 or 7 yrs. old) who was getting in trouble for 'chit chatting' during class. Chandler's parents went to school for a Parent-Teacher Conference where this was discussed and they came up with various methods that would discourage the child's talking. The next day when Michelle went to pick up Chandler from school she was asked to go to the Principle’s office where she was told that he had been talking in class again. She was told that Chandler "Needs to be disciplined" and that she (the mother) needed to "take him into the principle's office and spank him or he would be suspended."
Ms. Gabrielleson says that the letter that she said signed (prior to Chandler's admission to the school) had listed corporal punishment among various discipline options. She refused to do it (like The Man and I -they don't believe in spanking their children. We find taking away a favorite toy or video game is much more effective without the humiliation associated with spanking) and her first grade son was suspended...for talking... (source)

My elementary school had the option of using spanking (they had a huge wooden paddle with a hole in the middle -for less wind resistance?) I have never heard of a school that called the parent in to spank their child in front of the administration...

But, back to companies...If a company has the right to fire for any reason they see fit -- do they then have the right to hire for any reason they see fit...?
As many of you know The Man and I (yes's 50% MINE! *evil laugh*) own a business. Considering it is OUR business, paid for with OUR money and OUR sacrifice...shouldn't we be able to hire (or not hire) whomever we choose? A John Kerry sticker on the car...sorry, the position has been filled... A slovenly person...sorry, we don't have anything right now... But how far can that go? Race, religion, politics, looks in general...? For those of you yesterday who said that a company should be able to fire for any reason...should they also be able to HIRE who they want (which might cut down on future firings)?

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