Friday, March 18, 2005

Again! with 'the poor'...!

[paraphrased conversation]
...on the phone: Tuesday, 15 March 2005...

Progressive Friend: "...that's what I can't stand about Republicans -their disregard for the poor."
ALa: "You know that I do not have a disregard for the poor!"
PF: "But you don't support the programs that help them!"
ALa: "I have told you this before PF, I don't think the programs help them...I think they enable them...and truthfully I don't even know who 'the poor' are. If you have a big screen TV you are not poor. I would love a truthful look at how many of those poor are perfectly capable of working a job --or two."
PF: "You shouldn't have to work two jobs! Everyone should be able to work a job and earn a living wage."
ALa: That is not the real world. Do you think I grew up with money? Because I didn't. My dad worked his ass off working two or three jobs so we could make it...not have luxury items but to pay the bills. THAT's reality if you aren't lucky enough to have rich relatives."
PF: "No one should have to work eighty hours a week --they should be home with their families!"
ALa: "Should? What the hell does that mean? The Man often works eighty hours a week with shredded knees and a bum back...don't you think he would rather be home with his family? Of course he would. It depresses the hell out of him that he has to be gone so much. But that's life. Sitting on the couch watching Spongebob with the boys will not pay the gas bill. So is it fair that some other guy doesn't work as much and receives public assistance (paid for with The Man's sweat and destroyed knees) so he can spend time with his family? Why should my man pay for some slacker to hang out with his kids when he doesn't get to see his own? How is that fair to him, to me and to Justice and Mason?! It's not."
PF: "I understand what you're saying..."

hallelujah! Someone on the 'other side' finally understood! *angels singing*
I don't want money snatched from the hands of a single mom raising three kids by herself...I want accountability and effort and hard work and rehabilitation. I want to see that the money was invested in that person wisely while they got back on their feet and became a contributing member of society. I don't want all my man's time away from me and our kids to be abused by a broken system...

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