Friday, March 04, 2005

Absolute and Utter Disgust...

The Oklahoma City Bombing killed 168 people and the country was in dismay --as they should have been at such a senseless loss of life.
The Nation watched with a sigh of relief last week as the BTK killer was apprehended...he was charged with 10 murder counts --more senseless deaths.

...but not many people know that a man named George Tiller killed 500 people in Wichita, KS in 2003 alone. There is no outrage over that. More than twice the number killed in the OHCB. ...the Silent Scream...

Dr. George Tiller is a world-renowned doctor --known for his late term abortion practice. His website brags that for abortions performed AFTER 24 weeks (baby is VIABLE at this point) he has "more experience then anyone in the Western Hemisphere". Now there's something to brag about. He has been practicing since 1976 and apparently women come from all over the country to partake in his 'services'. He has patients as young as 10 and against Kansas law doesn't report these cases to the District Attorney (in KS anyone pregnant at that age is legally considered a rape victim).

Dr. Tiller charges up to $5,000 and will perform abortions at any stage of gestation -though this clearly violates Kansas state law that states no abortions after baby is viable. Dr. Tiller --who has a documented history of drug & alcohol use --admitted to perforating a woman's uterus and was disciplined by the medical board (part of agreement was that he wouldn't drink alcohol anymore).

Dr. Tiller is now being questioned about a Texas girl who died in his clinic after her abortion. Dr. Tiller is a murderer...and a murderer that advertisers as such... For those of you who think that late-term partial birth abortions are VERY RARE...please be aware of Dr. Tiller. FIVE HUNDRED VIABLE CHILDREN IN ONE YEAR...

(maybe we should all write him a letter and tell him what a disgrace he is...)

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