Thursday, March 31, 2005

Guest Post Redleg

"On Terri Schiavo"

I haven’t blogged about this before. Not on my site nor originated any posts on any other. I have commented on it before and since there is so much awhirl about the topic in general I thought I would use this guest post to get it out in the open.

Feel free to flame away, but remember these are my personal opinions. And my wife has the diametrically opposite point of view on this one. So unless you call me a nazi (thus invalidating both your debate skills and POV), I’ve heard it on this one.

I think we ought to let Mrs. Schiavo go. Give her the dignity in death at least, that she hasn’t found in fifteen years. She’s gone and has been gone for at least that long. No, I am not a neurosurgeon, though I’ve been operated on by at least one. I don’t have a juris doctor, though I am married to a lawyer. My feeling on this is simply based on this, and this feeling is one I think everyone should base an opinion on in this matter: I look at Terri and think, “I wouldn’t like to live like that.” Medical science has progressed past the point where our laws are able to follow, at least for now. Not your garden-variety vegetable would be Mother redleg’s son.

Bottom line it seems that simple. I would not want to live like this woman has been allegedly living. For fifteen years. I’m not telling you want to think, far from it. That’s my reaction to this. Let her go. My wife wants Terri to continue on for all the same reasons. I respect that as well.

I see this tragic case and witness two families unable to reconcile what is best for their wife/daughter/daughter-in-law simply because they didn’t communicate. And now things have progressed to the point where the two sides can’t agree on anything. Worse, they have let the lawyers and the courts overrule common sense nearly at every juncture.

Simply because they haven’t, and now won’t communicate. There should have been a way to get through this rationally and compassionately and spare us the bloody partisan wrangling the whole case has taken on.

What this should teach us isn’t what side of the Schiavo battle we should be on.

It hasn’t taught us that life is sacrosanct and that there is a higher road to follow.

It hasn’t taught us that our courts make good decisions during tumultuous cases. In fact hard cases usually make for bad law. As Terri’s case will undoubtedly do.

It hasn’t taught us that both sides are able to reason rationally and logically.

What is has taught me and my wife is that we need to communicate about these medical issues and commit them to legal documents before the need ever arises.

Prior to deploying to Afghanistan on Monday last week (yes, before my ill fated jump) I executed with my wife a will, a medical power of attorney and a living will. She executed a will. I expressed my desire before and during this what I would wish to happen, while she voiced her opinion. We differ, but now we know what the other would want to happen. She trusts me to the point that if it came down to keeping her alive, I would use all extraordinary measures to keep her alive. She knows I don’t want to live like that. Simple communication bound by a legal document.

So if this has taught us anything, it’s to talk out these issues and get them down legally before it ever comes to pass. Because it might. Terri Schiavo and her husband didn’t think so, but it happened.

If this case does nothing else for you and your family, let it do that.

It is the least that we owe Mrs. Schiavo.

Redleg's site: A Redleg's Perspective

You have been released from your prison. Some that loved you wanted you to stay—they didn’t want to let go… as most parents don’t. I will not say rest in peace, you have rested in peace far too long …bound to this earth in a broken mind and body. But now you are free to soar, to walk again and talk with your maker. You are where you belong and the restraints of this world will bind you no more. I thank God for your release and return to him.

In the Sandbox...

Stands with gun...

We did not charge hundreds of miles into the heart of Iraq, pay a bitter cost of casualties, defeat a ruthless dictator and liberate 25 million people only to retreat before a band of thugs and assassins."
~President George W. Bush (to troops of 82nd Airborne Division and 1st Armored Division at Baghdad Airport, Thanksgiving Day 2003)

"The only inspectors who can work in Iraq are the 101st Airborne Division, if you ask me."
— Kenneth Adelman, Defense Host, Tech Central Station

Ft. Campbell Girls…

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Guest Post ... by Aunt Bitchy


Thoughtless People:
Is it just me or does NOBODY say “Thank you” anymore?If I hold the door for you…YOU SAY “THANKS”... I am not a Goddamn doorman!

Overly Sensitive People:
Walking on Egg Shells, fragile, whining…why even talk to people if everything offends them…crying mother …..

Here is a box of tissues… now…Shut the hell up!

Truly Cheap People

Look if you cannot afford to tip…DO NOT GO OUT TO EAT…waiters and waitresses make like $2.50 an hour….by the way $ 1.00 is not a tip…*if that is all you have, it seems like you might need it more than they do ok?*
PS: If you wash out Ziploc bags…I am irked. Look…I understand if there is like chips in them but…Chili? NO! Throw it out…not worth the hassle!

Wolverine Nails:
Men with really long fingernails…look…it is not cute…if your nails are longer than most women’s…it has to go! I am not going to even talk about toe nails…

Public Restroom Etiquette:
Damn Ladies wash your hands before leaving the restroom….people DO notice when you do not take the time to wash your hands…if you don’t do it at home AT LEAST put on a good show for the public…*Aunt Bitchy will give you a dirty look and use paper towel to open door while exiting said restroom*

Body Hair:
we all know sandal season is approaching…with that I need you to keep a couple things in mind…unfortunately God put fur on some of your toes…yes ladies your toes…this hair needs to be REMOVED. People DO look, I don't care if it is LIGHT HAIR... it still needs to be shaved. Also, thinking about wearing a half shirt? Unfortunately again...many women have a trail of fur below the navel…this needs to be SHAVED nobody wants a girl with a LOVE TRAIL…they are sexy on men not women! *strong believer in shaving armpits and legs…do not go there, I am conservative not an f*** hippie*
back hair is NEVER okay…it is another unfortunate happening in life that is beyond our control but not beyond controlling…if this is you, the wife needs to hook you up with some NAIR or wax!

People that do not have a job living in an apartment for $60 a month (when I pay $550), use ACCESS CARDS and have a Cadillac Escalade parked outside….WTF?!!! If you do not believe me come to Philly!
*aunt bitchy dedicates this particular annoyance to Free0352, he understands*

Parking Spaces:
If you spend three hours digging out a parking space…in 20 degree weather…after a storm that brings 8-10 inches of snow…common sense tells you that NOBODY would even think of Parking there…WRONG! People DO NOT THINK. In your head, you are telling yourself not to key his car up, not to slash his tires… would consider doing it if car was not parked directly in front of house...

(Automatic guilt)…. Breathe in breathe out…happy place…find happy place.
*Grounds for a major ass whopping….*

Okay Red light for YOU, Green Light for ME….you are walking as if you have all f*** day….no care in the world…take your time…my light is now turning yellow…still not out of street…staring me down…people honking…just take your time…NO that’s okay I have no where to f*** go LIKE WORK, yeah work do you know what that means…people are completely thoughtless assholes. Experiencing Road Rage daily, not sure why?

<>(*sarcasm font*)


Old people…they always have like ten things in their cart and take each item out of
the cart as if they were all a carton of eggs… gently one by one put on the counter
(this lasts a good 5 minutes total)…now complaining about meat they thought was
on sale for $0.49 cents a pound (lasts another 5 minutes give or take a few)
PRICE CHECK! Ready to fully flip out, you think it could not get any f*** worse…
they bust out a BLANK CHECK…OMG!!! Need to smoke pack of cigarettes…fake
smiling at her…secretly planning her demise?

This concludes my random tactless post on what annoys me… answer: pretty much everything and everyone!

Old Skool VS. New Skool

In my house, there has never been an end to the ridicule of Metallica for suing Napster. The Man thought they were sellouts before that happened of course, but that was the icing on the proverbial cake. He has sworn to the music gods that he will never buy a CD from a band that participates in lawsuits of this kind –even if it should be one of his favorites (like GVSB). The Napster thing was embarrassing, I admit.

Now, MGM is suing Grokster (a file sharing company)and the case has made it all the way to the Supreme Court. These cases are fascinating to me, because technology has allowed the little guy to hold power over the conglomerates. Instead of the corner hardware store going under because Home Depot came to town or the local vet going under because a Pet Smart cropped up around the block…the big boys are freaking out over the average person sitting in their living room with a PC.

This is being dubbed as the most important copyright case in two decades. Grokster’s argument, that expanding copyright laws broad enough to include file sharing software will greatly impede technology, was met with a responsive attitude by the SC judges.

"Whether this argument makes headway may depend on the technological universe that the court considers in applying it. Grokster and StreamCast are asking the court to look at all possible uses of file sharing, not just the use that is made of their own software." (source)

"Musicians themselves seem split down the middle on the subject. On the one hand are artists as diverse as Sheryl Crow, the Dixie Chicks, Dr Dre and Metallica who claim that free music would ruin the business and destroy their livelihoods.
Others such as Courtney Love, Moby, Brian Eno and Public Enemy's Chuck D have all come out in support of file-sharing technology. Their argument is that file sharing allows their music to reach a wider audience outside of the control of the record industry." (source)

File sharing is here to stay regardless of what decision is reached by Scalia and Ginsberg. We all have that IT geek friend who has movies on his PC a day after they are released in theaters and CD’s before they hit the shelves in Tower Records. It’s a fact of life and MGM and other big companies will have to find a way to work with it (the way Napster had to) instead of fighting it. Personally I take joy in seeing the record companies get screwed. How many albums have I bought over the years that had ONE good song on it…I will never have to buy a CD again for one or two good songs…
Hey Record’s a novel idea –find an artist that can actually produce 12 -15 GOOD songs and I will gladly buy the CD.

In the Sandbox...

Chillin' Soldier

"Had Bush not acted as swiftly as he did, the devastation on our country would have most likley been twice what it was. Had Gore, Kerry or Clinton been in office, I can only imagine more planes being hijacked, flown into occupied buildings, while they searched for who to apologize to."
-Lew Waters

Army girls...
one, two, three, four

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Guest AFSister

"Read to Your Kids"

You know, sometimes you get to be a part of something really special. So special you just can’t keep it to yourself anymore.

I just had that opportunity, and want you all to be in on it too. I’m not in this picture, but my heart is. The book held by Sgt. Tania Steele came from me. She recently read it to her young daughters. On videotape. From Afghanistan. How cool is that? Mommy is at war, but just pop in a tape, and BAM! She’s right there, in front of her children, Shania and S’Bria, reading their bedtime story. Sgt. Steele is the 200th Soldier to take advantage of MSGT. D. Keith Johnson’s “Read To Your Kids” program.

I was browsing back in November when I came across MSGT. Johnson’s request for children’s books, videotapes and bubble mailers. He started the “Read To Your Kids” program a few years ago while deployed in Bosnia. It was such a huge success, he started it up again when deployed to Afghanistan this past fall. Soldiers get to pick out a book or two to read to their children on videotape, and then Johnson sends the tape and the books back to the kids. I fell in love with this idea right away- I was so impressed! I immediately sent him a stack of books, and included my email address.

MSGT. Johnson put me on his mailing list, so I now hear from him on a regular basis, including a recent story written about the 200th tape made by Sgt. Steele. If you have ever read a bedtime story to your kids, you recognize the importance of connecting with them through books.

The joy this program has brought to our Soldiers and their children is immeasurable. Many of these children wake up every day and ask to see “Mommy’s Movie” or “Daddy’s Movie”- the same “movie” they watched before going to bed the night before. MSGT. Johnson doesn’t need more books right now, but….he does need blank videotapes and bubble mailers. I would encourage you all to buy some and send them to the address listed below:

D. Keith Johnson
APO, AE 09356

Burying Suspicion

Michael Schiavo's attorney announced yesterday that Terri will receive an autopsy before she is cremated. This decision is to counter the inevitable cries from the public that Terri's husband is looking to 'hide something'.

"But because claims have been made by, I guess, opponents of carrying out her wishes that there was some motive behind the cremation of Mrs. Schiavo we felt it was necessary to make that announcement today."

Disagreement over the planned cremation rather than the full burial demanded by Schiavo's Roman Catholic parents has been a subplot to the long legal battle." (source)

In the Sandbox...

The Rock In Iraq?

"Gentlemen, We served so we have a tendency to think everyone else did or they were draft dodgers or worse. In reality only 10% of all eligible males served in Vietnam and the percentage of those who saw combat is even smaller (6 or 7%). If Pres Bush's service in the Air Guard was less than honorable, we have a lot of folks our age who should be embarrassed about what they did or didn't do."
-William McCarthy

National Guard Girls…
1, 2, 3, 4.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Guest Post ... by Mr. Nimbus


"He betrayed President Bush and ALL
Republicans, now it is time for payback."

Jim Barnett Chairman, Vermont
Republican Party.

Ah, yes. The first volley in the long anticipated Republican response
to Jim Jeffords.

And who, pray tell, is Jim Jeffords?

For those who have lived in a vacuum in the last 4 years, Senator Jim
Jeffords was the Republican who refused to drink the neocon Kool-Aid.

In 2001, after 26 years in Congress, Jim Jeffords left the Republican
party and became an Independent. In doing so, he gave control of the
Senate over to the Democrats, and became public enemy number one to
the hardcore partisans who believe that 275 million voices are justly
served by the extremist subset of a single political party.

Why would a lifelong Republican do such a thing, especially when the
House, Senate and the White House were finally under Republican

He saw the writing on the wall for bipartisanship, something he
initially believed that Bush would change after the highly divisive
Clinton years. He was alarmed by the stacking of hardcore partisans in
conference committees. In short, he realized that the moderate wing of
the Republican party was fully marginalized. Thus, the players were in
place, the agenda was set and the neocon policy machine was primed and
ready to get busy.

With that in mind, he did the one thing that career politicians avoid
at all costs: He bit the hand that fed him so that the branches of
government would be forced to compromise.

That is courage.

It is also an indictment of just how far we have strayed from the
path. The life blood of Democracy is our participation in the
political process. Public service plays a big role in this. Sadly, it
is where we have fallen short.


Because we have failed to uphold the high standards that public
service demands.

By definition, public service is predicated upon service to your
fellow man. Unfortunately, we have sat idly as public service has
morphed into blind obedience to a rule making elite.

Today I look at many politicians, and I am ashamed. Ashamed that they
are elected year after year, ashamed that their only talent is gaining
the confidence of special interests. Ashamed that the voters of this
country will endorse a politician based only on his allegiance to a
political party.

When the founding fathers envisioned our government, they did not
expect to create a career path for power slaves and greed heads.

Jeffords is exactly the type of politician that the founding fathers
envisioned. One who recognizes the immorality and illegitimacy of
partisan politics. One who puts his own soul, and his concern for the
people he represents, above his political career.

I wish there were more like him.

(Nimbus' Blog: Marrow)

In the Sandbox...

Big Gun in a Tent...

"Bottom line is Iraq ain't Vietnam, this shit ain't no Tet, we need to kick ass and not abandon another country and its people the way we left the Vietnamese and Vietnam."
-Ken the Grunt

Coast Guard Girls...
Uno, Dos. Tres, Cuatro, Cinco

Sunday, March 27, 2005


After some twists and turns (and headaches), the long awaited Sage vacation is underway. I will only have limited (a.k.a. dial up) internet access while we are in OBX, so I have asked the magnanimous JustRose (of the Anonymous Rowhouse) to manage the B.S. for the week...

In good conscience, I can not bring myself to leave the site untended to for eight days, so I have asked eight people (some who don't have blogs of their own and a few that do, but stay away from politics as a rule) to do guest posts while I am away. I hope that you enjoy the various pearls of wisdom submitted from both the right and the left (yes, I am fair and balanced). I have also set up all the "Sandbox" posts for the week. The 'Challenge Series' (featuring the women who may not be in the Sandbox...but whose hearts are with those who are) will begin upon my return. Anyone that still wants to submit pictures --feel free to send them. I may do an audio post or two from down there if Blogger cooperates...

Have a wonderful week and a Happy Easter.

Strange Fact #5

A woman in San Jose, California was enjoying a bowl of chili at Wendy's when she bit into a finger. A human finger. None of the employees were missing a finger.

"Denny Lynch, a spokesman for Wendy's International Inc., based in Dublin, Ohio, said there have been no reports to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of injuries at any supplier of chili ingredients to Wendy's. All of our chili suppliers report no accidents," he said. Health officials said the fingertip was approximately 1 1/2 inches long. They believe it belongs to a woman because of the long, manicured nail." (source)

Officials are now checking DNA data bases for a possible match to the owner of the finger. The woman is suing Wendy's for trauma.

Chili anyone?

In the Sandbox...

Sailing Anyone?

"To say that we 'lied our way into Iraq' presupposes an omniscience on the part of our administration that simply cannot be supported by any historical evidence. While WMD may never be found, there is proof that it once existed and there is no proof that it was destroyed."
-Matt Osborn

Ft. Hood Girls
One, Two, Three

Saturday, March 26, 2005

No More Easter Bunny...

We don't do the Easter Bunny in our house (or Santa), but not for kooky reasons...just because I have the kind of kids that wouldn't go for it anyway. At two Justice said, "Mom we don't have a chimney and I know you went to Toys R Us". That's cool with me. Neither The Man or I ever believed in Santa or the Easter Bunny either --I guess we are more practical than fanciful. Though I refuse to admit to them there is no Tooth Fairy because she is the coolest of the all lies we tell our kids...

Anyway, kids that believe in the Easter Bunny may be confused this year (and certainly in years to come) as he too finds that he is not exempt from P.C. regulations. All over the country he is being renamed...'The Garden Bunny' and 'Baxter the Bunny' are two of the new names he received in malls in Florida. The Garden Bunny will be overseeing Plain old Egg Hunts. (source)

The Easter Bunny is a pagan symbol and maybe shouldn't have been called the 'Easter' Bunny from the beginning...but he was and that is how it has been for ages. Minority religions may push for changes like this now so their kids don't feel left out, but if changes like this effect one religion they will eventually reach them all. We will be a country with Winter Trees, Candle clusters and a Garden Bunny --but we won't be offending anyone...

(In a related and just as annoying story--People are mad at Russell Stover Candies for making chocolate crosses this Easter)

North VS South

You Are 0% Redneck
I'll slap you so hard, your clothes will be outta style.
You ain't no redneck - you're all Yankee!

Someone (sorry, not sure who the originator was) put this Yankee or Dixie Quiz on the tag board --and I was fascinated with it. I had NO idea that some of the words in the quiz were regional.
STOP HERE and take the quiz....

Words like SODA, or SNEAKERS are regional?!

There are words that I know are from this area like HOAGIE, WAWA, GEET? (Translation: Did you eat?), radiator (first part rhymes with pad)...but SODA? Caught and cot being pronounced the SAME? And people say we 'sound weird' in Philly?
I loved this quiz... And who knew some people called Mischief Night Cabbage Night....

Am I just completely sheltered in the Northeast (I have been to many a Brew Thru!) or did some of these words surprise you too?

In the Sandbox...

Redleg in the 'Stan...

I had planned for a different kind of Sandbox today (since the real purpose of this is to make sure we keep our troops present in our minds each day)...but John at Castle Argghhh! beat me to it with this post.

Redleg injured his ankle bone while executing a night jump (his post about it here)
This is what I left in his comments:

"I am really sorry for you and understand what a big let down this is for you. I respect you more than you know...upset you can't go, when some are hiding in Canada.
You will be in all of our thoughts..."

And for the Sandbox today I wanted to do a comparison of those cowards fleeing to Canada (like Jeremy Hinzman) and those truly honorable men, like Redleg, who are heartbroken to see their men leave without them.

Thank you Redleg for being what we all think a soldier should be!
(A Redleg's Perspective and Redleg in the Sandbox)

Friday, March 25, 2005

Rwanda…and Sudan
(Some conscience questions)

Last night The Man and I watched a movie that I can't stop thinking about. Sometimes in April, playing now on HBO, follows two brothers during the horrific genocide in Rwanda. I didn't know much about what went on in Rwanda ---truthfully I barely remember hearing much about it as it unfolded. I was 23 years old, and like most kids in their early 20's was pretty oblivious to anything that wasn't directly affecting my life. I felt such guilt for that as the movie ended. (Timeline of Events).

The parts of the movie dealing with U.S. involvement (or un-involvement) were the most disconcerting. 800 people pulled from their houses and slaughtered on the first day alone and our government did nothing because of a policy that stated no US intervention when there was no US interest at stake (The UN also failed to intervene and refused to use the word 'genocide' in it's resolution). This was not a rich power killing a weaker people --this was killing because of ethnicity...doctors, lawyers, teachers, and babies pulled from their homes and their cribs and hacked up with machetes. This was a Holocaust with automatic rifles and machetes instead of gas chambers.

This isn't meant to be a movie review (though I strongly recommend you see this movie)-- this has only strengthened my disgust about the fact that we have yet to intervene in Sudan. It would seem that Kofi Anon is as worthless to his own country as he is to the rest of the world. There was a line in the movie that stuck with me..."It's a shame the CNN factor didn't kick in sooner". The American people were against intervention because they were unaware of actual events...and I believe the same thing is true again. This should be on the news and this should be a part of American discussion. (Info & Action)

Here is the part that I struggle with... Who/What is worth the death of an American? Is it fair for me to say 'we should be there' when I have no father, brother, husband or son in the military? If you listen to people like Howard Dean and his ilk, you get the feeling Iraq lives were not worth the American military lives lost. Most of us realize that Iraq is part of a greater picture --a piece of a Democracy puzzle --and we rest assured that not one life was lost in vain. Sudan is a different story. That would be purely a humanitarian mission. American lives could (would) be lost to save Sudanese lives with no other long reaching purpose. This was the struggle Clinton's administration faced in 1994. How do you tell American families that their son will die so someone else's son can live? What is the military position on this? Is their oath only to defend this country --and is it a breech of this oath to put them in harms' way to protect others on foreign soil? (These questions are as much for me as they are for you)

After watching this movie, it is gut instinct to say 'go!' can we as the Superpower sit and watch this happen? Can we even imagine someone ripping our child from our hands and killing them brutally in front of us? BUT, would I be so quick to say this if it was MY son that would be going? Whose life is worth more?
My dilemma over this only makes my hatred of the UN (and even NATO to an extent) grow. Truthfully the US is not the world police...this is (supposedly) the reason we have these international bodies. Their failures are blinding. The Sudanese aren't calling for the UN or NATO...they want our military. They want the best --and who can blame them.

In the Sandbox...

Loving the Uniform...

"The left in general and the Democrats in particular have made it impossible for public figures to discuss geopolitics honestly. Political correctness makes an ethnic and religious war both unthinkable and unmentionable. For a nation in midst of just such a war, this is a serious intellectual handicap."
~Peter Mulhern

National Guard
Coast Guard

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Playgirl & the GOP - Update

A few weeks ago I posted about the editor of Playgirl who outted herself as a Republican.

Michelle Zipp has now been FIRED from Playgirl.

"Matt Drudge posted an e-mail he received from Ms. Zipp on the Drudge Report:

Hello Drudge:

"After your coverage of my article about coming out and voting Republican, I did receive many letters of support from fellow Republican voters, but it was not without repercussions. Criticism from the liberal left ensued. A few days after the onslaught of liberal backlash, I was released from my duties at Playgirl magazine.
"After underlings expressed their disinterest of working for an outed Republican editor, I have a strong suspicion that my position was no longer valued by Playgirl executives. I also received a phone call from a leading official from Playgirl magazine, in which he stated with a laugh, "I wouldn't have hired you if I knew you were a Republican.
"I just wanted to let you know of the fear the liberal left has about a woman with power possessing Republican views"

So what is it with the "party of free speech & equality" consistantly trying to silence conservative voices. Can't handle a strong Republican women? I have found that most liberals can't (especially those of the female-lib variety). Rock on Michelle --call the ACLU and see if they'll take the case (*sarcasm font*)...

Strange Fact #4

The female member of the Black Eyed Peas, Fergie (Stacy Ann Ferguson), started out as the voice of Sally on Charlie Brown (1983)...

...AND then was on Kids Incorporated(!)...

I don't know about you, but that kinda ruins her 'street cred' for me.

Ghetto pass REVOKED!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Might as Well Keep the Hate Mail Flowing...

"Not all conservatives are happy with the decision by Congress and President Bush to intervene in the Terri Schiavo case.... "To simply say that the 'culture of life,' or whatever you call it means that we don't have to pay attention to the principles of federalism or separation of powers is certainly not a conservative viewpoint," said former Rep. Bob Barr, R-Ga."
I am not alone!

Bulimia caused initial collapse


CT scan of Ms. Schiavo's brain, showing extensive cortical regions filled with spinal fluid.

"Scans have shown extensive damage to Schiavo's cerebral cortex, a part of the brain essential to higher-level functions such as cognition and consciousness. An electroencephalogram, which examined patterns of her brain's electrical activity, documented virtually no normal response.

Because Schiavo's brain stem has remained largely intact, however, certain automatic body functions - sleeping and waking, breathing, metabolizing nutrients, and others - go on.

Blinking, startling in response to a stimulus, changing facial expressions and making occasional sounds are also among the body functions controlled by the brain stem.

"The part of the brain responsible for these responses - smiling, crying, chewing, moaning - is still working. But the part of the brain responsible for thinking is not," said Dr. Ghada Ahmed of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. " (source)

Another misconception is that medical reports are from Michael Schiavo's doctors, but these are court appointed doctors. None of the physicians speaking for Terri's parents have examined Terri. Once again Court appointed doctors.

"[Public cries for Michael Schiavo to hand over guardianship of Terri are not possible. Michael Schiavo could not legally 'sign over rights to Terri's Parents' (as many have suggested) because multiple judges have already determined that Terri's wish was to die. That suggestion is therefore a moot point.]" Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, 3/23/05, FNC

Dedicated to The Man...

...because he has had a really bad month. (...also in conjunction with the tag-board clique...haha)

Your Porn Star Name is: Candy Coxx

Get your own Porn Star Name

You Are 32 Years Old

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

What Age Do You Act?

AB and I both got one year under our actual age...strange...

In the Sandbox...

(The Challenge series will be briefly interrupted until the rest of the pictures are received. The girls will begin on 4/4. If you have missed any take a look back at 92alpha, redleg, Ciggy, Nimbus, Jpck20, Free0352, and Eric)

Blogging Marine?

"I have never advocated war except as a means of peace."
- General Ulysses S. Grant

"Wherever the enemy goes, let our troops go also"
- General Ulysses S. Grant

Navy girl, Army girl, Air Force girl

(Today's Sandbox by AB)

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


More on pedophiles and the flawed 'registration system' that relies on an honor code for those with no honor...

"In Texas, for instance, authorities have used global positioning satellite systems with transmitters attached to offenders in an effort to track their movement." (source)
"We asked Austin Police Chief Paul Philipp whether ankle bracelets might be an alternative for tracking those who don't check in with authorities. He says the cost might be prohibitive." (source)

Liking Texas more and more... Now here is a program I would gladly hand my tax dollars over to!

Oil-for-Food Scandal: "Former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker will release a report March 29 on whether the U.N. chief and his son were involved in wrongdoing over the Iraqi oil-for-food program, officials said Monday. ...In a bid to curry favor and end sanctions, Saddam allegedly gave former government officials, activists, journalists and U.N. officials vouchers for Iraqi oil that could then be resold at a profit." (source)

The report should make for fascinating reading and I am curious to see how much press it will get from the MSM. To date they have yet to mention it in more than a fleeting statement here and there.

The scandal gets more convoluted if you believe Peter Arnett's latest article, "Blood and Betrayal". The article documents a plot by Uday Hussien to overthrow his father. He had secured the allegiance of the top members of the Saddam Fedayeen --and was planning the coup until American bombs began falling on Baghdad. Uday had used money from private oil deals to finance the plans. (source)

Michael Schiavo has invited President Bush and Gov. Jeb Bush to Terri's hospice room to meet her.

"Come down, President Bush," Schiavo said in the Times interview Saturday. "Come talk to me. Meet my wife. Talk to my wife and see if you get an answer. Ask her to lift her arm to shake your hand. She won't do it. She won't, because she can't. Terri died 15 years ago," Michael Schiavo said, referring to her collapse in 1990 that cut off oxygen to her brain, leaving her seriously brain injured and unable to talk." (source)

"By nearly three to one, registered voters across religions, party and gender lines told pollsters they disagree with the intervention. While Bush and GOP legislators acted at the request of Terri Schiavo's parents to keep their daughter alive by overruling the wishes of her husband and a court, an overwhelming number of the poll's respondents believe that a spouse should determine whether an incapacitated person without a living will should be taken off life support." (source)

A poll cited by FNC this morning indicated that over 80% of Evangelicals and 73% of Conservatives would NOT want to live in Terri's condition.

My solution: Have the husband and the parents agree on three of the best doctors in the world that have expertise in this area...and abide by what they say.

Rummy and the 'Post-War Miscalculations': "Asked what the biggest mistake of the war effort had been, Rumsfeld said if "we had been successful in getting the 4th Infantry Division to come in through Turkey in the north when our forces were coming up from the south, out of Kuwait, I believe that a considerably smaller number of the Baathists and the regime elements would have escaped. As a result, the insurgency would have been at a lesser intensity than it is today." "Turkey denied the United States permission to use the country to invade Iraq from the north." (source)

I have heard many military analysts and arm-chair generals express the same frustration about Turkey and what that decision did to the aftermath of the initial invasion. For all the criticism that has been leveled against Rumsfeld --this key point always seems to be removed from the equation.

In the Sandbox...(Challenge Series)

Eric a.k.a. Straight White Guy

The beer fridge, circa 1999.

"This is what happens when:
- you are a Marine
- you live with 4 other Marines
- you decide to invite over 200 of your closest Marine friends
- the liquor store stiffs you on the Guinness keg they were supposed to order for you
- they decide to give you the monetary value of the keg... IN CANS
- a Marine Reserve SSgt who works at the liquor store hooks you up OVER the amount you were supposed to get.

Happy Guinness to all... and to all a good night."

Excerpt taken from: From the Halls to the Shore, Mike the Marine
Post: "Ever wonder what $230 worth of Guinness looks like?", 17 March 2005

Eric's Site: Straight White Guy (Thanks're the best!)

Monday, March 21, 2005

Monday Vociferation

There are no words to describe how sick I have been all weekend over the murder of Jessie Lunsford at the hands of a CONVICTED sex offender. I don't even have the strength to reiterate all that I have said on this site in the past about this subject. Suffice it to say that THIS NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED...but alas, here in America pedophiles need rights too. HERE, once again, I am linking the list of sex offenders registered through Meagan's Law. Be vigilant people. Check the list. Talk to local law enforcement (they will often tell you things that can't legally be on the list). Do not purchase a new home without being aware. Do not trust the courts or the laws to protect your children...the perverts have more rights than you do. Write the ACLU a thank you letter for that.

Ready to pull out my hair over this case. Seriously. Two part annoyance on my part. First area of contention: Fellow CONSERVATIVES --STOP being hypocrites here. You have all bitched for the last four years about 'activist judges' and 'legislating from the bench' and now (when it is in your perceived interest) you are DOING THE SAME DAMN THING. Not only are you trying to promote activist judges, but also activist Governors and Congress. Second: Please educate yourself on the natural process of starving to death...that is how people die. It is most likely how you will die. This woman hasn't had a thing pass her lips in 15 years. She will feel no hunger pain the way you and I would. They are not killing Terri -they are allowing her body to do what IT HAS BEEN TRYING TO DO for the last fifteen years. What if someone said to you...Terri can live but you must take her place... No way right --because WHO would want to 'live' like that? (OK...stone me now...)

To finish my tirade here, I would like to publicly lambaste the Boyd Transfer Company whose truck driver slammed into The Man without a thought of hitting his breaks. Thank you for ruining the last two years of our lives. Thank you for all the lost work, the totaled truck, the pain, the knee surgery, the bills, and the slipped disc. Thank you, Boyd, for hiring incompetent drivers and giving them CDLs. Thank you for being so generous in your offer to give us $35K which wouldn't even have paid for the truck your driver smashed into an accordion.

Ok...I think I feel better now...

In the Sandbox...(Challenge Series)


"And then you have the Drudge Report...I like how he has a little place where you can send in anonymous news tips. Can you imagine the ridiculous stories he’s been sent. I would pay him a lot of money just to see a list of these “news tips”.


“Hey Drudge, my cat, who happens to be the largest cat in the known universe, had two human babies. One of them is a clone of Michael Jackson, and the other is a clone of that terrorist Zarqawi. The Michael Jackson clone keeps trying to hit on my son, and the Zarqawi clone is busy trying to cut my dog’s head off. The other day I was chasing them around the back yard when a massive earthquake, registering at least 9.0 on the richter scale, tore open the earth, revealing the gates of hell. At this point, Satan himself, wearing none other than Monica Lewinski’s stained dress, came bounding up from the pit of hell and landed right in front of me. He then asked me a bunch of questions. How are Brad and Jennifer? Is Martha Stewart out of prison yet? Which cable news show is leading in the latest Nielson ratings? Who was tops at the box office last weekend? And do you know the latest hurricane path? I told Satan that he could find out all of these things on your website, but he responded that his internet service provider was AOL and he has a hard time getting through. Something about not enough bandwith down there because of everyone searching for the latest Paris Hilton porn video. Anyway, I just thought you should know.”

p.s. The clone Zarqawi and I would really like to get married, and I was wondering which states in the U.S. recognize gay marriage? Thanks for your help. I’ll be sure and send you another news tip when I get captured, so you can put one of those big sirens at the top of your website. Got to go, Zarqawi has turned the torch lights down in my cave, and he’s ready for a little lovin’.


I’m getting tired of blogging already. It’s late here in Iraq, and I have to get up early to go try and kill some blogging terrorists.


Drudge said...
I’m going to link to your blog for the sole purpose of getting it shut down.

Instapundit said...
I was wondering if you would like to be my instachief of staff.

Bill Gates said...
I make more money in one second than you do in a year.

Michael Jackson said...(in a font that indicates he has a girly voice)
My lawyers will be contacting you shortly.

Zarqawi said...
You stupid American infidel. Allah be willing, I will find out where you are in Iraq, Allah be willing. Allah be willing,I will cut your head off as well, Allah be willing.

Michael(that would be me) said...
Allah be willing you will quit saying Allah be willing.

Osama said...
Zarqawi, you are my little bitch. Who’s your daddy? Come back to the cave so I can mount you again, Allah be willing.

Michael Jackson said...
Are there any little boys in that cave?

Michael Jackson said...
This post has been removed by the author"

Excerpt taken from: Michael, A Day in Iraq
"If My Alter-Ego was to Start Another Blog" Post, 15 March 2005

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Keep Our Troops in Iraq...

...they are safer there than they would be in Philly. It's true. Over the past couple of weeks here in Philadelphia more people have been killed than in Iraq over the same period of time. (Don't worry ~Jen~, not in the neighborhoods your parents will be visiting).

In one week in the city of Philadelphia, we had 42 shootings and 18 homicides. When we have these homicides and these shootings, we need people to come forward and assist us," Philadelphia Police Commissioner Sylvester M. Johnson.

Last weekend alone, gunfire and stabbings left 11 people dead in the city...there were two U.S. soldiers were killed in Iraq.

Police said there have been 71 homicides this year (that's THREE months), 9.23 percent more than the 65 recorded last year at this time. (source)

Philadelphia has one of the most lax gun laws in the country. Democratic Mayor, John Street, has said that he may put a moratorium on gun permits. I don't know what good this will do as most criminals do not procure their weapons legally anyway, but I guess at this point anything is worth a chance. Philadelphia Police’s Highway Patrol Unit, one of the most elite departments in the PPD, is now patrolling the streets in North Philadelphia. There has even been talk about bringing the Pennsylvania State Police and even the National Guard --though there seems to be some dispute over chain of command issues. (source)

'Emergency' letter sent to Governor Rendell by Mayor Street.
Timeline of recent Philadelphia deaths.

Why do people protect the criminals that are destroying their neighborhoods and killing their children?

First Blogosphere Meeting...

Yesterday night the long awaited meeting between Big&Mean, JustRose, 92alpha and ALa finally took place. (Much to his dismay, Tesco was in too much pain to go).

After their three hour flight from the great state of Texas, Mr. & Mrs. Big and Mean met us at Jones Restaurant at 7th & Chestnut.

The food was great (I ordered 'Thanksgiving dinner' and there was key lime pie with raspberries for all when it was time for dessert), but the conversation was better. We talked about all of you (some of you more than others...) Ahhhh, blogosphere gossip. Everyone agreed that Mr. Nimbus seems like the nicest blogger from across the aisle. Unanimous consensus that Free is our invaluable resident bomb-thrower. Our favorites and most-annoyings were virtually identical...but, of course, I can not divulge that information... (*hint* those on the right need not fret).

Upholding all preconceived notions about Texas hospitality the Big&Mean's came armed with presents for the boys. Wooden Texas pop-guns ("Now don't point them at any of the liberals at the bar", B&M told them in his Texas drawl), Texas t-shirts and bull key chains (Thanks to you too ~Jen~). In the kindest of gestures they brought a commemorative George W. Bush baseball (replete with pictures of the CIC) in a mounted case for me. Needless to say, I was thrilled.

So, thank you Big & Mean and Mrs. Big & Mean for taking time from your vacation and meeting up with the Philly bloggers. We loved meeting you ...and, hopefully, the next time it will be on Texas soil!

In the Sandbox...

(...The Challenge Series will resume tomorrow...So anyone that has yet to send in their pics, please do so by Tuesday. All the photos are still up, so if you missed them scroll down to Monday for 92alpha, redleg, Ciggy, Nimbus and Jpck20. Have a great Sunday all...)

Brushing Teeth

"Motivated more by partisan politics than by national security, today's Democratic leaders see America as an occupier, not a liberator. And nothing makes this Marine madder than someone calling American troops occupiers rather than liberators."
~Zell Miller

...air force...
1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Great Idea...

Many of the items that were wanted desperately by our deployed troops in the beginning of OEF and OIF are now readily available in the PX stores on the bases. (Razors, soap, socks, diaper rash cream, wet wipes, etc.) I thought the phone cards were a great idea, but now "Gifts from the Homefront" has done one certificates to the Post Exchange.

You can go HERE and send a gift certificate to anyone that's deployed, at Walter Reed or on bases here in the U.S. I am sure the soldiers love receiving the packages (and they usually only cost about $6 to mail) but using these certificates they can get things that they really need (not just what we think they need). The soldiers that I write to are very shy about asking for anything specific...and this can solve that problem.

You can send one to any soldier or you can use this link and send one to someone specific. Also through the site you can send a GIFT of groceries. Too cool.

Mail to Iraq and Afghanistan has been moving slowly (my last package to Iraq took over a month to get there) --this can alleviate the wait time and get your soldier/marine what he needs right away!

yes, another QUIZ...

Your Seduction Style: The Charismatic

You're beyond seductive, you're downright magnetic!
You life live and approach seduction on a grand scale.
You have an inner self confidence and energy that most people lack
It's these talents that make you seem extraordinary - and you truly are!

What Is Your Seduction Style?

(I am pretty sure I stole this from TAMMI at Road Warrior Survival)

In the Sandbox...

(...The Challenge Series will resume on Monday...So anyone that has yet to send in their pics, please do so by Tuesday. All the photos are still up, so if you missed them scroll down to Monday for 92alpha, redleg, Ciggy, Nimbus and Jpck20. Have a great weekend all...)

Hot AF Mechanic

"Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity."
~George S. Patton

"No good decision was ever made in a swivel chair."
~George S. Patton

...and, the women...
AF Bikini
Army Endowments
Army Bikini
Army Booty

Friday, March 18, 2005

Again! with 'the poor'...!

[paraphrased conversation]
...on the phone: Tuesday, 15 March 2005...

Progressive Friend: "...that's what I can't stand about Republicans -their disregard for the poor."
ALa: "You know that I do not have a disregard for the poor!"
PF: "But you don't support the programs that help them!"
ALa: "I have told you this before PF, I don't think the programs help them...I think they enable them...and truthfully I don't even know who 'the poor' are. If you have a big screen TV you are not poor. I would love a truthful look at how many of those poor are perfectly capable of working a job --or two."
PF: "You shouldn't have to work two jobs! Everyone should be able to work a job and earn a living wage."
ALa: That is not the real world. Do you think I grew up with money? Because I didn't. My dad worked his ass off working two or three jobs so we could make it...not have luxury items but to pay the bills. THAT's reality if you aren't lucky enough to have rich relatives."
PF: "No one should have to work eighty hours a week --they should be home with their families!"
ALa: "Should? What the hell does that mean? The Man often works eighty hours a week with shredded knees and a bum back...don't you think he would rather be home with his family? Of course he would. It depresses the hell out of him that he has to be gone so much. But that's life. Sitting on the couch watching Spongebob with the boys will not pay the gas bill. So is it fair that some other guy doesn't work as much and receives public assistance (paid for with The Man's sweat and destroyed knees) so he can spend time with his family? Why should my man pay for some slacker to hang out with his kids when he doesn't get to see his own? How is that fair to him, to me and to Justice and Mason?! It's not."
PF: "I understand what you're saying..."

hallelujah! Someone on the 'other side' finally understood! *angels singing*
I don't want money snatched from the hands of a single mom raising three kids by herself...I want accountability and effort and hard work and rehabilitation. I want to see that the money was invested in that person wisely while they got back on their feet and became a contributing member of society. I don't want all my man's time away from me and our kids to be abused by a broken system...

Strange Fact #3

The hunting of stray (feral) cats may be legalized in Wisconsin to anyone with a small game license. (Minnesota and S. Dakota are the only two states in which cats are not currently 'protected species').

1.4 million feral cats in Wisconsin have killed more than 219 million (and as high as 7.8 million) birds. Proponents of this law are saying that the high volume of feral cats is not only a threat to wildlife, but a health issue. If this law passes any cat without a collar would be fair game. (source)

In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I am a 'dog person'. That being said, I love animals and am very against pet cats being allowed to roam outside. As a former veterinary technician we counseled owners daily of all the various health risks associated with allowing housecats to be indoor/outdoor cats (rabies, feline leukemia/AIDS, worms, cars, etc.) If this law is passed, perhaps it will finally force responsible pet ownership.

In the Sandbox...(Challenge Series)


"Seen through a twenty-power spot scope, terrorists scrambled to deliver another mortar round into the tube. Across the Euphrates River from a concealed rooftop, the Marine sniper breathed gently and then squeezed a few pounds of pressure to the delicate trigger of the M40A3 sniper rifle in his grasp.

The rifle's crack froze the booming Fallujah battle like a photograph. As he moved the bolt back to load another round of 7.62mm ammunition, the sniper's spotter confirmed the terrorist went down from the shot mere seconds before the next crack of the rifle dropped another...

"From the information we have, our chief scout sniper has the longest confirmed kill in Iraq so far," said Capt. Shayne McGinty, weapons platoon commander for "Bravo" Co. "In Fallujah there were some bad guys firing mortars at us and he took them out from more than 1,000 yards.

During the battle for the war-torn city, 1/23 Marine scout snipers demonstrated with patience, fearless initiative and wits that well-trained Marines could be some of the deadliest weapons in the world.

"You really don't have a threat here until it presents itself," said Sgt. Herbert B. Hancock, chief scout sniper, 1/23, and a 35-year-old police officer from Bryan, Texas, whose specialized training and skill helped save the lives of his fellow Marines during the battle. "In Fallujah we really didn't have that problem because it seemed like everybody was shooting at us. If they fired at us we just dropped them." (source)

~Story posted by Blackfive (2004 Winner of the Best Military Blog Award)

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Muslim Spies...?

There are some that seem to think it may be time to resurrect the spirit of Joe McCarthy...not to ferret out Communists, but Muslim spies that have infiltrated themselves into the Pentagon and other positions of Political power under the guise of moderation.

There is a new book that chronicles and documents this 'growing threat' to America called Infiltration. The books author, Paul Sperry, has been an open critic of Bush, Limbaugh and Hannity (lest you think he is a right wing nut: read THIS article on -and look at THIS anti-Bush book that he has written).

"Sperry uses classified documents and revealing interviews to courageously explain how, for the past 30 years, Muslims have labored to replace the U.S. Constitution with the Quran and turn America into an Islamic state. And, as Sperry details point-by-point, they have been unwittingly aided in their sinister aims by the politically correct media, government, and citizens, who don't fully understand the dangers of the Muslim faith... In reality, says Sperry, the Muslim establishment that publicly decries the radical fringe – represented by al-Qaida’s brand of Islam known as Wahhabism, the official religion of Saudi Arabia – is actually a part of it. The only difference is that they use words and money instead of bombs to accomplish their goals." (source)

I have ordered the book from Amazon, but haven't received it yet... I am looking forward to reading it and seeing what caliber of information and documents the author utilizes (it seems he is a pretty well respected investigative journalist). I know many on the left think my fears about a 'Muslim America' or a 'Muslim Europe' are unfounded and wacky justifications of the war by the right --but now that one of their fellow lefties is in the forefront of exposing a burgeoning threat, will they begin to take Islamo-fascism seriously...?

In the Sandbox...(Challenge Series)

Mr. Nimbus

"...The other day, we were escorting the deputy governor to Baqubah when a guy pulled up to us and blew himself up in his car, while trying to take us out. Hilarious! He only managed to kill himself. The BEST part is that his jackass terrorist friend was videotaping it and Al-Jazeera aired it, reporting that a bomber rammed the deputy governor and 3 Americans died. Our only casualty was a slightly cracked windshield. And he didn't ram us, he pulled off on the shoulder and detonated. Does Dan Rather work for Al-Jazeera? If anyone can tell me where to find that video clip on the internet, a lot of us in my company are curious as to whether they taped it while hiding in a certain village.

On a separate note, keeping my political and personal opinions out of this medium gets frustrating. But since I'll be home soon, if anyone wants to get into it over a few beers, I'm always game...."

~RedSix, "The End" post, 2-17-05
Armor Geddon

Nimbus's Site

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Yet Another Predator...With Rights

Picture this...a man is in jail for the possession of child pornography (over 300 pics!) in ATLANTA, when he is done the ten year sentence for that crime he will be shipped to California where he is charged with the kidnapping, rape and murder of 12 year old Courtney Sconce (he claims he committed this crime because he was mad about the kiddy porn raid). Keep picturing...while he is in jail he is placing PERSONAL ADS on the internet claiming that he is a "logical, honest, inquisitive, outgoing, loving and caring person". He insinuates that 'marijuana' is the reason he is 'in'. This is a true story...on Novemeber 8, 2000, Justin Weinberger kidnapped the 12 year old girl as she walked to a local store then raped her and strangled her. (source)

Beside the fact that the ACLU will most likely end up defending this pedophile's right to free speech (to lure new victims from the pen), another sick twist in this case is the fact that Weinberger was NOT arrested after the raid that turned up the child pornography...and Courtney was found raped and strangled to death 2 DAYS later. This crime COULD HAVE/SHOULD HAVE been avoided. Why wasn't he arrested and Courtney’s young life spared you ask? I'll give you a hint...his Daddy is a Deputy District Attorney.

From the ACLU (that upstanding organization *sarcasm font*):
"I certainly have sympathy for the victim's family members," said Kara Gotsch, public policy coordinator for the American Civil Liberty Union's Special Prison Project in Washington D.C. "But there is a First Amendment that protects the individual's right to say what they want, even if we disagree with what they're saying."

"Attorney Marv Johnson, the ACLU's national legislative counsel, said he knows of nothing that requires personal ads to tell the truth. Truth in advertising laws relate to selling goods, he said."

And this from the web-hoster on which Weinberger's personal ad appears:
"They're not all evil," said the proprietor, who identified herself only by her first name, Kay. She encourages inmates not to reveal their convictions because of the angry responses they can generate...She said she believes other sites that refuse to post ads for pedophiles and others who harm children are on shaky legal ground and said she has considered shutting down her operation rather than selectively denying business."

HERE is the contact information for the United States Penitentiary (USP) Atlanta. Maybe the Warden should get lots of email letting him know what Americans think of this monster being allowed to solicit romance on the tax payer's dime. As Courtney's mother said, "He should have the same rights that Courtney has right now...."

(additional source)


"Fears over the safety of inks used in tattoos emerged today.

A preliminary study of the most popular inks found dangerously high levels of toxic heavy metals. Researchers say this could lead to nerve disorders, blood poisoning and even memory problems and have called for an investigation.

There are no regulations covering inks used in British and American tattoo parlours. " (source)

Crap! I HAVE to get one more...As I told you all before I have a tattoo for Justice and NOT one for Mason... Justice loves to tell Mason that... It's becoming a problem... I guess it's worth a little blood poisoning and few nervous disorders to make my little guy feel loved...

In the Sandbox...(Challenge Series)

Cigarette Smoking Man From The X-Files
a.k.a. Ciggy

"I'm homesick as Hell.

I've felt this before, of course, it's part of life as a Soldier. Last time I was struck with it was weeks ago, in the shower of all places. I suddenly realized just how much I'm going to miss this year. Everything I could be going with my wife that I can't because of this stupid war. My chest felt hollow, scooped out, and my throat tightened up. Panic danced just outside my mind, almost frantic with the want, the need to be Home. I wanted to cry, to shout, to throw down my rifle and shout,"Enough already! I've had enough. I want to go Home!"
Instead I pressed my forehead against the cool tile and fought for control."

~Red2Alpha, "Weak" post, 5-13-05
This is Your War

Cig's Site

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Condi Vs. Hillary '08

Lately, I have become obsessed with the thought of a Hillary/Condi match up in '08. There would never be a day with a lack of things to blog about. Cropping up all over the web, there are already websites looking to draft both women into running for the nomination. Both have publicly said that they were not planning on running (Hillary saying that she will run for re-election to the Senate and Condi telling Tim Russert she was not planning on an '08 run), but I think we all know that Hillary has the nomination ( or should we say coronation) if she wants it --and Condi would be the logical choice to run against her. America would be guaranteed a woman President (following far behind many other countries...) --Is mainstream America ready for this...? It's no surprise that Robert KKK Byrd was against Condoleezza being appointed Secretary of State...I wonder if he will resurrect the white hood should she run for President...?

The possibility of this dream match got me thinking about the fact that I don't know much about Condi's politics (aside from foreign policy issues). I decided to see what I could find about her stance on various issues:

Guns: "I have a sort of pure 2nd Amendment view of the right to bear arms" (The Times, 11/21/04) *Pro-Second Amendment

Abortion: Describing her personal position on abortion as "mildly pro-choice" and "libertarian," Rice said Friday the government should not be "forcing its views" about abortion, the Washington Times said Saturday.

"I've tended to agree with those who do not favor federal funding for abortion, because I believe that those who hold a strong moral view on the other side should not be forced to fund it," she said.

"I am a strong proponent of parental notification. I am a strong proponent of a ban on late-term abortion. These are all things that I think unite people and I think that that's where we should be." (source)

Foreign Policy: We know that she was one of the creators of the Bush Doctrine.

This is really all that I could find...I couldn't find any definite views on the interpretation of the constitution, education, welfare, health care, gay marriage, trade, outsourcing or Supreme Court appointments. Being completely honest though...Condi could believe in feeding homeless people to stray dogs -and if she was running against Hillary I would still vote for her. I know that Hillary will go to any lengths to get elected should she be the nominee...and maybe that's why I salivate at the thought of Clinton verses Rice. Political fireworks people! We won't know for sure for at least a year or two...but we can all keep our fingers crossed.

Watch Hillary in '08 Too funny... -(Hat tip to CaliValleyGirl)

In the Sandbox...(Challenge Series)


Taking a Shower in Iraq
"While I undress, I wonder if the shower will miraculously be warm. I nod my head in doubt as I put on my black pt shorts and my grey pt shirt. Both the shirt and the shorts have ARMY printed on them in some kind of reflective print, put there in case I ever forget which branch of the military I serve in. Remembering that I am indeed in the Army, and that I signed up three years ago to this day, I sit down on my mattress that is covered in a floral design.

What is it with this place and their mattresses? Are those flowers supposed to make me happy? Maybe they are an act of deception, designed to conceal the fact that hidden underneath their pretty petals lies a year or more worth of sweat, dirt, and filth. Why does my mattress feel as though it has to mock me? I’m well aware of the fact that it’s not clean, so quit bull shitting me with the flowers for Allah’s sake. Why can’t they put smiley faces on them? I could think of a hundred other designs that I would rather have on my mattress. How about little army men, or different models of airplanes. How about pictures of terrorists or maybe Michael Moore’s fat ass. I could role out of bed in the morning, look down, and become so thoroughly pissed off that I become wide awake with rage, bounding from my bed ready to attack the day ahead.

What about scantily clad women, looking up at me with a suggestive smile. Forget the women. I have more fun dreaming of my wife. Pictures of my wife would be nice, but I wouldn’t want her beautiful face adorning something so ugly. Cars, boats, trains, buses. Kites, balloons, lollipops, or rainbows. On second thought, the rainbows might not work. People might think I’m gay, and then accuse me of violating the don’t ask, don’t tell policy that Clinton, no doubt while receiving a blowjob from that fat chick, started during his time in office. How about pictures of all the presidents or pictures of all the planets. Maybe guns, tanks, bombs, bullets, and grenades would be more appropriate. How about pages of a dictionary or a classical book. How about chapters out of the Bible printed on my mattress. That would be good, since I need to read my Bible more anyway. Dolphins would be good too. I like dolphins, they always seem to be smiling about something. Maybe their laughing at the fact that I have to sleep on a damn floral mattress. It’s like someone had diarrhea and went around shitting flowers everywhere. It would have been nice if they had made it to the disgusting port-a-johns we have to use and shit a few flowers in there. Thankfully I have a poncho liner to cover my mattress. It’s camouflage too, which will come in handy if I ever need to conceal myself from the flower shitting bandit."

~Michael, Army Infantry (Currently in Iraq) -Read the rest of this post...
Michael's Milblog: A Day in Iraq

Redleg's Milblog

Monday, March 14, 2005

Carisa Ashe -Update
Recall the Atlanta D.A.

There is a movement underfoot to rally the people of Atlanta to recall Fulton County District Attorney, Paul Howard. This movement, being spearheaded by Southeastern Legal Foundation, is in response to the Carisa Ashe case -- Howard made the deal for her voluntary sterilization and no jail time for the brutal murder of her infant girl.

Bill O'Reilly has been highlighting this D.A.'s involvement in this case. Paul Howard is angry about the negative national attention he is now receiving and (because he is a Democrat) is making O'Reilly's concern over the fact that he is excusing murderers -- a partisan issue. Howard's office is sending out this email in response to the outrage over his willingness to make a deal that let Ashe walk free with no jail time for murder:

"I know that you have heard about this case, perhaps from Bill O'Reilly. I suspect you may have been given a terribly misguided impression of both the case itself and my office's approach to it." - Paul Howard, Fulton Country District Attorney via email, 2/25/05

Destiny Ashe was five weeks old. She was a preemie and had only been home from the hospital for TWO DAYS. Carisa Ashe has given birth to eight children (she's 34). Six have been taken away from her, one is missing and she has been convicted of killing little Destiny. The autopsy of baby Destiny showed that her cause of death (in all probability)was blows to the head (and not 'just' shaken baby syndrome). There was head trauma and hemorrhage in the brain. Pathologists agree that at 5 weeks the baby could not have done this to herself (banging head on crib, etc) The D.A. claims that the autopsy is in dispute...but all forensic pathologists agree, so who is disputing? The 'mother'? "The doctors were prepared to so testify before the deal was made, but they never testified. One of the doctors who did the autopsy is a medical examiner from Michigan, planning to testify, and the deal was made before she could testify. There is no doubt this baby was beat to death." ~Dr. Michael Baden, Forensic Pathologist/Criminal Analyst

So, a woman that was capable of beating to death (when the story first broke I assumed that it was shaken baby syndrome) her premature five week old daughter that had only been in her care for two days...was given surgery and sent on her way. This was not decided on by a jury --this was a decision made by District Attorney Paul Howard.

Email Atlanta's D.A. and let him know how you feel about this plea bargain deal. This is not a partisan issue.

Strange Fact I Never Knew (#2)

Clean teeth linked to slender bodies: The frequency of your teeth brushing can be connected to your weight... Those who tend to brush after each meal are normally slimmer. Studies showed that overweight men often went a day or two without brushing at all (ewwww....)

"In a survey of the everyday habits of nearly 14,000 people whose average age was in their mid-40s, Takashi Wada of Jikei University found that those who managed to stay slim tended to brush their teeth after every meal." (source)

So brush after each meal...floss at least once a day and for god's sake...use a little Listerine! Your waistline will thank you for it!

In the Sandbox...(Challenge Series)


"I said, "You mean I can join the Marines and after their boot camp they could make me, say..." me thinking to myself what would be the lowest, most degrading job for anybody with a pair of balls between their legs, "a cook?!...You mean they could make you a cook?" I said.
I thought about that for a second and said, "Hell if I wanted to be a cook I'd go out and be a housewife."
There was this pause, and then my recruiter said, "I was a cook." Then me, red with embarrassment, I said, "Oh shit, I didn't mean it like that, I meant like I don't want to be a cook kind of thing...shit...sorry man."

~CBFTW / Colby Buzzell, Esquire Magazine, March 2005, pg. 174

Sunday, March 13, 2005

A Few Things You Should Know About...

It's been a while since I talked about some of my newest finds over there in the permalink that's what I am doing today...

First off, I think I am being added to the "Philly Future" website/blogfeed. JustRose and Pax Romano are already members, but I never considered submitting my blog because I assumed it was only left-leaning sites. The editor emailed yesterday and said that he was adding me --so Rock on to a bi-partisan Philly!

One of the best finds of the past couple months was A Cavalcade of Fun --which is driven by the always witty, usually sarcastic and inventive writer...Retarius. His site is not right...nor is it left --it is not political (Hooray!) Actually, THIS is the most political thing he has written --and fans of The Onion will definitely appreciate it. So if you are looking to escape the partisan talking points and just need to shake your head and laugh...bookmark his site!

Our very own GirlGrey has officially joined the blogger ranks with the creation of her own blog baby -Grey-Shangrila. To date this is not a political site either and she promises that "at least once in each posting a beauteous moment will be offered up to you, revered reader..." So go check it out and say welcome...

Three great milblogs have recently been brought to my attention...This is Your War -written by Red2Alpha (a US Army Infantryman currently in Iraq). There is some buzz that this 31 year old may give CBFTW a run for his money... I'll have to read a bit longer before I can make that call. (Thanks to CaliValleyGirl for sending me his link) The second is Armor Geddon (brought to my attention by Jpck20). The author, REDSIX, has just left Iraq and is in currently in Germany --but he promises to keep the stories coming.
Last, but not least, there is Castle Argghhh!...I know some of you have been reading for a while --but those that haven't check it out! This site always has a bit of's poignant, witty and expertly run by 'retired warriors' (with an array of guest posters). Well worth the click!

Take some extra time this March Sunday and check out these great finds...enjoy!