Tuesday, February 15, 2005


First, I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the Aquarian bloggers that had B-days this week...It seems that God is like FNC and made it quite Fair and Balanced.
On the 12th...91Ghost, Defiant Heart and LeftyJones...and today, Jericho Brown. Happy Birthday boys! AND...of course the two female Aquarians...Justrose and Punk Ass Bitch --Love Ya girls!

There was a common thread in the Valentine's Day 'wishes' yesterday... The boys openly hoping their purchases would 'pay off' and the girls (silently) hoping their men would give them something worth the 'pay out' that would be expected...LOL... So did you get your wish...or was the day a let down as holidays often are (we girls have a bad habit of expecting too much)?

I was not expecting anything. I am not a girl who expects flowers (give me the $75 and let me spend it on something that won't die in three days...I know not very romantic, but I'm not). The Man and I are grown --so if we want something we buy it ourselves...but this leaves the task of gift-giving a difficult one. He doesn't 'do' cards, but that's OK because he is one of those rare men that tells me how wonderful I am everyday. I did get him a card and Napoleon Dynamite on DVD so he could watch it 15 more times... I EXPLICITLY told him not to get me anything --we are going away over Easter to OBX and I said that was my gift... He never listens and last night gave me this...

I earned it! ;)

...no, I am not complaining...

How I am ruining my boys #243:

"Justice, did you see what Daddy got for me?"
"Yeah, that cool watch..." Grabs my wrist and looks at the watch..., "Wow, I didn't know it was Coach!"
(I guess a six year old boy really shouldn't be able to tell that by looking at something...haha)

So...we already read what FREE got...what did you get?

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