Sunday, February 13, 2005

Sunday Tidbits...

Has a new feature that you may not be aware of....and should be. Put any phone number into the Google search bar (unlisted ones too) and the name and address of the person to whom the number belongs comes right up. Distressing -to me at least. If you click the link above your name you can remove yourself from the directory. (For some reason after the whole Meagan's List thing, this really creeped me out.)

You may have noticed small icons appearing next to commenters names throughout the blogosphere...these are called avatars (you chat room junkies already knew that...) It is a globally recognized avatar that follows your email address wherever it goes. If you decide to make one for yourself --it needs to be 80 X 80 --but test it in Photoshop first because they shrink it down to 28 X 28 to fit in Haloscan...and not much looks good that small... Go get a Gravatar... (If your Haloscan isn't showing the squares to host the gravatars email me and I will give you the HTML to put them in).

For all of you fellow Napoleon Dynamite lovers out there... HERE is a ND soundboard of all your favorite quotes from the movie...Enjoy!
"My lips hurt real bad..."

Sunday Cartoon -Thanks to AFSister
Typical Libs

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