Friday, February 11, 2005

The PMS Dilemma...

"Female workers at carmaker Toyota could soon benefit from 12 days paid menstrual leave each year. ...The menstrual leave would be in addition to sick leave. ...A lot of women have terribly bad periods and they are genuinely ill and we simply say that has to be recognized." (source)

Of course, this is not in the US...but in Australia. Now I have a feeling that men will say this isn't fair because they wouldn't be entitled to extra [paid] days off. But I say right on...we women definitely got the raw end of the deal in the reproductive food chain and it's about time we are paid back for it! I, of course, being the ideal female specimen --do not get bad PMS...maybe a bit weepy one day but that's normally the extent of it, but for girls that *ahem* break off screen doors and *ahem* throw rocks at their husbands heads...this may not be a bad idea.
(*When I was living in the UK I heard that PMS can be grounds for defense against murder! Pack your bags girls!*)

What do you think? Is PMS leave a valid proposal?

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