Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Panty AFSister

Paris, France

Paris, Kentucky

This falls under the ‘WHAT WERE YOU THINKIN, ELSIE!” file.

I just don’t understand what the big deal is about thongs- I mean, COME ON! It’s a string wedgie, for cryin’ out loud! Why wear anything at all? Go commando, that’s what I say. And why did young women decide that showing off the top of your thong is sexy in the first place? Are these the same young ladies (term used loosely) who led all of those guys to believe that the “show me yer boxers” look is erotic too? Give me a break, people! Don’t EVEN get me started on the overweight chicks showing off their bellies. Look out, fellas- she’s GONNA BLOW!!!!

The State of Virginia is thinking of making scenes like this illegal. According to an AP article published yesterday, “Freshman Norfolk Delegate Algie Howell Jr. introduced the bill at the urging of constituents who are offended by the exposed underwear.
Howell said, "That's why they're called undergarments. They're supposed to be worn under something else." Delegates approved a measure that would allow police to assess a $50 fine on anyone who exposes their below-waist underpants in a ‘lewd or indecent manner.’”

Now this is taking it too far. Obviously, I don’t like looking at stranger’s underwear while at the grocery store any more than the next person does. But illegal? I don’t think so. It’s fine to ban this sort of thing in the schools- dress codes exist for a reason in most cases. What do you think?

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