Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Left Rallies for Terror...(Again)...
Mumia and Soros come to Lynne Stewart's Defense.

Sheik Abdel Rahman (the blind Sheik), who was charged with orchestrating the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, has been serving a life sentence since 1995. Last week the Sheik's lawyer was arrested, along with three Muslim men, on charges of aiding Rahman by passing communications to Al Qaeda subsidiary -The Islamic Group. (source)

This lawyer, Lynne Stewart, is a controversial/radical 'civil rights' Manhattan lawyer whose clients have included a notorious mafia hit man and a man who shot six NYC police officers. Stewart was Rahman's lawyer during his trial for the WTC bombing until the present. The indictment on which Stewart was arrested alleged that she was "aiding Sheik Abdel Rahman in continuing to direct the terrorist activities of the Islamic Group from his prison cell in the United States". The Sheik was prohibited from communicating with the news media in person or through his attorneys. Lynne Stewart signed an affirmation acknowledging that she would abide by these measures and would be accompanied by translators only to communicate with Sheik Rahman regarding legal matters. (source)

"Among other overt acts, the indictment charges that during a May 2000 visit to Sheik Abdel Rahman, Stewart allowed Yousry to read letters from Ahmed Abdel Sattar regarding whether the Islamic Group should continue to comply with a cease-fire in terrorist activities against Egyptian authorities that had been in place following the shooting and stabbing of 58 tourists and four Egyptians visiting an archeological site in Luxor, Egypt in 1997 - a terrorist attack for which the Islamic Group claimed credit. Following the meeting, and in further violation of the Special Administrative Measures to which she had agreed, Stewart is charged with announcing to the news media that Rahman had withdrawn his support for the cease-fire." (source)

Ms. Stewart has been FOUND GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS...and the left is in an uproar. Who has come out to support her right to aid known terrorists? George Soros, who gave $20,000 to the Lynne Stewart Defense Committee (source) and my personal favorite (*sarcasm font*) Mumia Abu-Jamal (whom Stewart's website refers to as a 'political prisoner'...uh, how about a cop-killing prisoner...). Mumia believes that Stewart is being 'targeted'. Yeah, me too Mumia...targeting for aiding terrorists! (source)

Without 'The Patriot Act' (that I know some of you don't like) it would not have been known that Lynne Stewart was violating Sheik Rahman's gag order and "providing material support for terrorism. "[John Ashcroft] said he was invoking, for the first time, a Justice Department policy allowing officials to monitor attorney-client conversations, if department officials believed the conversations were being used to further terrorism."

This is FINE with me. If it saves American terrorists’ (and those who would attempt to help them) emails, tap their phones and bug their mother's homes. If they were CONVICTED of terrorist acts against America (as the Sheik was) THEY HAVE NO RIGHTS... Lynne Stewart should be grateful that she wasn't charged with Treason --as she would have been if I were the Attorney General...

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