Sunday, February 27, 2005

LAPD in Trouble Again...

It's 4am. You are a police officer patrolling the streets of L.A. You see a car being driven in an erratic manner. You run the plates and find out it's a stolen car. You pursue the car and attempt to pull it over after the driver runs a red light. It is backing into you and won't stop. You know that three members of the LAPD have been killed my motor vehicles in the past year. It's dark and you can't see into the car. What do you do?

Officer Steve Garcia shot his gun into the car. Probably the same thing I would have done. He fired his gun 10 times into the car that was backing into him...and into the suspected gang member that was driving the stolen vehicle.
...but it wasn't a gang member. It was 13 year old Devin Brown. (source)

There is outrage, once again, in the black community of L.A. over the death of the boy. But my question is --is the rage directed at the right person? No police man should have to allow himself to remain in the presence of immanent danger for 35,000 a year. If a stolen car is speeding at you at four in the morning --you have every right to fire your weapon. Full stop.

Here are my questions...Why was a 13 year old boy in a stolen car? Why was a 13 year old boy out of the house at 4 am? Where was this boy's parents and why are they absolved of responsibility for their son's tragic death? Where is the line where parents are forced to take responsibility?

This was not racially motivated. It was dark. The officer couldn't have known age or race of the driver.

The boy's mother has two felony charges of her own.

This officer will most likely be offered up as a sacrificial lamb for doing what he was trained to do...

It should be Devin Brown's mother that should be facing charges for reckless endangerment --that's obviously what her parenting was...

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