Thursday, February 24, 2005


PFC Rob Jacobs, who is currently deployed, received letters penned for a social studies assignment from twenty-one 6th graders (approx. 11 yr. olds) in New York. Their teacher, Alex Kunhardt, has declined to reveal whether he read the children's letters before mailing them off to PFC Jacobs.
Some content of the aforementioned letters:

"One girl wrote that she believes Jacobs is "being forced to kill innocent people" and challenged him to name an Iraqi terrorist, concluding, "I know I can't." ***Have the little dear Google "Abu Musab al-Zarqawi****

Another girl wrote, "I strongly feel this war is pointless," while a classmate predicted that because Bush was re-elected, "only 50 or 100 [soldiers] will survive."

A boy accused soldiers of "destroying holy places like mosques." (source)

"One boy who wished soldiers would come home wrote, "From what I see on TV and in the newspaper, I don't think the US is even close to obtaining Iraqi freedom. I'm concerned that George W. Bush is president for four more years, because he doesn't want to get troops out, so you might end up staying longer."

Another boy wrote: "Bush thinks he's brave . . . in his safe little white house with as many guards as he thinks he needs." He concluded with: "By the way, when you shoot someone, is it great or horrible?" (source)

The teacher apologized through a statement from the Department of Education, said he regretted offending PFC Jacobs and admitted blame. He still refused to clarify whether he had told the children that soldiers were 'committing atrocities in Iraq' or if he read the stack of letters before sending them off.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg (D -for all intents and purposes) has been non-committal in his condemnation of this. Giuliani or Koch would not have been so lackadaisical about stating the inappropriateness of this 'assignment's' outcome. Bloomberg defends the letters by reminding New Yorkers that we can't censor what people write...which most of us would agree heartily with --but we can stop the indoctrination of eleven year olds in state/government funded public schools...

“I want to think these letters were coached by the teacher or the parents of these children, It boggles my mind that children could think this stuff.” ~PFC Jacobs (source)

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