Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I Need a Sick Day...

Yeah, I know that technically, with all the debate hype, I have already had a few of them --but I need one more.... Not wanting to risk melodrama, but I might be dying...

In the mean time --I thought I would share some info from my site meter. I have been making a list of the Google/Yahoo/MSN, etc. searches that have been executed and somehow led people here...I don't understand what search methods are employed, but...well, have a look for yourself. These are actual searches that have landed people right here at Blonde Sagacity:

  • Golden ticket contest

  • Blonde booty

  • Black man does blonde

  • de blonde blog

  • Jeb Bush disposable camera

  • mommy, punk, Modesto

  • women gets

  • backwards labels and beer

  • Blonde sex

  • Bersa 380 grips

  • Bush/Cheney fashion

  • Bush + Cheney + music video

  • 1911 Smith & Wesson Airsoft

  • Kerryitis

  • picture of baggy of marijuana

  • blogspot + tower city quad

  • PETA + Inauguration

  • blacks and blondes

  • blonde + boobs

  • ann coulter + blonde

  • (This list is from the last four days)

    Also...I am not usually one to 'believe the hype' --and if everyone talks about a movie, I won't see it will never live up (The 'Big Lebowsky' being a prime example). The Internet has been abuzz about Napoleon Dynamite...and against my usually stubbornness I rented it. NOW I MUST BUY IT! Believe the hype --this is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. I warn you --not 'As Good as it Gets' or even 'Airplane' funny...Like multiply the stupidness of Dodgeball by 1,000...and Enjoy! We have watched it three times in two days. We can't stop quoting it. It's the best most horrible movie I have ever seen...
    Justrose and I went to see The Notebook when it came out last spring...and along with all the blue haired ladies there for the Sunday matinee, --we cried our eyes out. We fell in love with Noah -the main character. And we vowed to see it the very next weekend. It is the quintessential chick flick --but it came out on DVD yesterday and The Man and I watched it...and he liked it. Buy this too!

    Thanks to Free and Jericho for the spirited debate yesterday -- The consensus thus far seems to demand a you agree?

    Sorry for the lame post. Hopefully I will feel human again tomorrow...

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