Friday, February 25, 2005

Do Girls Have What it Takes...
to Make it Big in the Blogosphere?!

Washington Monthly did an ARTICLE about the glaring lack of women on the Op-Ed pages around the country. It goes on to point out that the blogosphere seems to be replicating that the political opinion arena. There are three conservative women in the top 30 blogs and two liberal women in the top 100 (@ #33 & # 48). (These stats were gleaned from TTLB Blogosphere Ecosystem).

"So what's up? There aren't any institutional barriers in the traditional sense of the word, which means either (a) there are fewer female political bloggers and thus fewer in the top 30, or (b) there are plenty of women who blog about politics but they don't get a lot of traffic or links from high-traffic male bloggers. My guess is that it's a bit of both, and the proximate reason is that men are more comfortable with the food fight nature of opinion writing — both writing it and reading it. Since I don't wish to suffer the fate of Larry Summers I'll refrain from speculating on deep causes — it might be social, cultural, genetic, or Martian mind rays for all I know — but I imagine that the fundamental viciousness and self aggrandizement inherent in opinion writing turns off a lot of women." ~Kevin Drum at Washington Monthly(source)

MSN picked up on Kevin's article and joined in with those lambasting him for writing his piece...and Protein Wisdom did a piece about this also (he links many of the political female bloggers...including this site)...

So...a few questions...

To you women out there --bloggers or blog readers -- are you less likely to enter into the political you get offended quicker than the men if when the dialogue turns nasty?
And to everyone --does the gender of the writer weigh into which blogs you read? Are your favorites male or female run? Why are there so many more male bloggers that have risen in the ranks of the ecosystem? Are women to demure to take it...and is there something wrong with us women that like don't mind when it gets down and dirty?

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