Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Cross Swords...

...on one of these Five Topics:

1) The Bush Doctrine of Preemption: Is it justified by the events of September 11, 2001 (in regards to Syria/N. Korea/Iran)?

2) Welfare Reform: The system isn't working, is there a way to fix it or should it be abolished?

3) The United Nations: Does it wield any true power or respect in the world? Should the US be the primary financial backer?

4) Foreign Aid: In light or 'world opinion' toward the US --should we be giving foreign aid in the huge quantities that we are. Should there be restrictions on countries receiving aid (as far as no anti-American madrasas, etc.)?

5) Islam: A religion or a growing threat in the balance of world power?

(* I have been informed by an outside party that the tone of my questions is right-biased...well this IS a conservative blog...deal....*)

The DEBATE has ended (or maybe not). The Floor is now open to everyone. I am going to leave it in Haloscan because it's too long��=_put in a post... Who won?

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