Saturday, February 05, 2005

Coming Tuesday –to The House Of Sage…

Free0352 (Conservative Marine/Cop) and Jericho Brown (Liberal Poet?) have agreed on a debate Tuesday, February 8th at 12 pm.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed below are that of JERICHO BROWN… NOT ALa71… FREE has an open forum to rebut anything expressed here with impunity BEFORE the debate takes place... (Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hurry and save my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Ideas for debate topics? Submit below...
Clash of Jericho the Judicious vs. Free-tard the Flitboy Set For Tues.
Fake-cop smackdown set for high noon February 8th.

The blogworld is buzzing with news of the imminent battle of wits to take place this coming Tuesday 2/8, when the unflappable Jericho Brown (Cruel World) takes on his arch-nemesis Free0352 (man of 1,000 made-up, make-believe faces) in a battle to the death of one of their egos (*handy betting tip: it won’t be Jericho’s). The following are the rules and objectives, as Jericho sees them, in this meeting between the unstoppable fount of wisdom and the immovable block of lunkheaded Free-tardation.

1) This debate shall have no higher purpose than to render the opponent humiliated in a gelatinous pool of his own ignorance.
2) The debate will last for a maximum of one hour, as that is the longest Jericho Brown can withstand maintaining sustained contact with an idiot of such extraordinary magnitude. Jericho’s only human, after all. An incredibly kick-ass human, granted, but human nonetheless. Plus, Free-ch has a prior commitment to avenge This toy.
“This army soldier is going to die and he knows it. I hope he goes well and I promise to avenge him about 1 billion fold.”~Free0352, Haloscan comments 2.01.05

3) The topic of debate shall be settled upon in the fifteen minutes leading up to high noon on Tuesday. Ala71 will present Jericho and Free-Willy with a list of five possible debating subjects. They will then decide between them which subject it is that they disagree most vehemently about and then proceed to actual debate.
4) At Free-love’s request, opening statements will be issued at the start of the debate. These statements will last no longer than five minutes of concerted posting. Since Free-dumb has stated that he doesn’t care who goes first, Jericho gives him the right-of-way (ladies first and all—don’t ever say Jericho isn’t a gentleman).
5) Following Jericho’s opening five-minute statement, Free will be given time to cross examine. At that point the ‘free-for-all’ officially begins. Jericho figures it will take five-ten minutes, tops, before Free-the-shemale has a “police emergency” to attend to and has to postpone the debate until some indefinite, never-to-be-met date in the non-existent future.
6) On the issue of judges (which Free-zer Burn insists on having), it has been proposed that there be two progressive Democrat-leaning judges and two punk-ass, black- and gay- hating, war-mongering, apocalypse-inducing con-artist-servative judges. And one “moderate” judge, the existence of whom is merely the subject of whispered legends around these parts and can neither be confirmed nor disconfirmed, and is therefore a laughable prospect. On this issue, Jericho requests only that the judges kiss his white, carved-from-flawless-marble ass if any of them can possibly walk away from this debate thinking Ass Freely has a snowball’s chance in hell of one-upping him.
7) Closing statements: Presumably these would occur after 50 or so minutes of spirited debate. If Free-kazoid has been goaded by his fellows and tormentors alike into sticking around for that long a mental drubbing, he’s ‘free’ to take five minutes to try and salvage what’s left of his pathetic reputation, now lying on the cigarette-butt-and-puke-covered virtual reality concrete blog floor.

May the best man win, may the Freetard crawl back under the rock whence he came with his favorite metal detector...

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