Saturday, February 26, 2005

Biological Gender Differences...
Do They Exsist?

...of course they do!

Harvard University's President, Lawrence Summers, has gotten major heat for some comments that he made regarding this topic.
"Summers said the lack of women in math, science and engineering is due to "issues of intrinsic aptitude" and women's choice not to spend the same amount of time on their careers as men due to the desire to raise a family, not issues of discrimination." (source)
But then he went on to ask students to discuss this --and prove him wrong if they could. Harvard is an institution of higher learning where I thought hypothesis and debate was encouraged --so did Summers. We were both wrong. He has been lambasted by women's groups, professors and the media for looking to provoke discussion. (Yes, notice that I am defending one of CLINTON'S former administration members...)

I'd wager that it's the SAME groups that are defending Ward Churchill's pronouncements (that the victims of 9/11 were not victims at all but deserving of death) that are crusading against Summers. What I am going to say next became cliché during the run up to the election, but it’s true --the LEFT is all for free speech until that speech is something they disagree with... The University of Colorado is a state/government funded school, whereas Harvard is a private University... Churchill made heinous remarks whereas Summers was inciting discussion... The left praises Churchill and shuns Summers....

When did it become wrong to say that there are innate differences between men and women? Men are normally physically stronger. Women are more nurturing. Men are not programmed for monogamy. Women are less prone to physical violence. Men complain a lot when they are sick. Women are smarter. These are all givens right?

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