Friday, January 28, 2005

Teddy *hiccup* Kennedy -War Strategist?

So... senior Democratic Senator (and OJ's mentor), Teddy Kennedy, has decided once again to weigh in (357lbs?) on the OIF war strategy... Yesterday he stated that "The U.S. military presence has become part of the problem, not part of the solution." Our troops are the problem? Wow, I would have said that would be Zarqawi and the terrorists..., but hey, that's just me I guess... (source)

Senator Chappaquiddick went on to say that "At least 12,000 U.S. troops should leave at once", but during the run up to the election wasn't he singing a different tune? (source) Didn't he say that he was "proud to be on the list with General Shinseki who warned that the United States might need more troops in Iraq"? Didn't he also say, "America cannot withdraw now, leaving Iraq to chaos or civil war, becoming a danger to us far greater than it did before. The misguided policy of the past is no excuse for a misguided policy for the future." So not sending more troops was 'misguided policy' a few months ago, but now withdrawing troops is the right policy?

It would also seem that Tequila Ted has not yet heard of the Oil for Food scandal (guess he doesn't watch FNC) as his brilliant war plan for victory also involves...and I quote:
"We need to give the UN a central role. The Administration's decision to go back to the United Nations is a first step, but it's meaningful only if the Administration is genuinely changing its policy. The real test will be whether the Administration is now willing to make the compromises necessary to persuade other countries to contribute troops to relieve our soldiers and to bring stability to Iraq. The jury is still out on whether the UN resolution will mark a real shift by the Administration."

...but then goes on to say...

"No one doubts that the United States should remain in charge of the military operation..." (source)

This was the guy that was Kerry's mentor and now we see the connection... we need more troops in Iraq (FLIP) --we need to pull troops out of Iraq (FLOP) --we need to hand over control to the UN (Flip) --we need the US to stay in charge (FLOP)...

Excuse my language...but what a fucktard!

Once again I have to say that for all the nay-sayers, and the arm-chair quarterbacking and the accusations...Not ONE person on the left has offered even the semblance of a viable alternative to the current strategy of OIF...

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