Friday, January 14, 2005

Sudanese Oil & US Intervention...

"We’d already be in Sudan if they had oil"...a phrase that has often been bandied about by the left. Of course, the underlying sentiment of that statement is the never-ending accusation that we are only in Iraq for the oil --the left’s continued and convenient amnesia of the Oil for Food scandal… Yes, the war DID have to do with oil…only it was not US interest in it –but German, France and Russia’s desire to stay in Saddam’s well-paid loop while the Iraqi people suffered needlessly under sanctions that neither touched nor affected the regime. (A well paid scheme with an outcome that would have undermined sanctions and 'the box' that contained Saddam).

The left uses Sudan as an ongoing illustration to ‘prove’ their case that the Bush Administration cares nothing of genocide and human rights violations and that only the lust to control world oil motivates them…seeking to belittle the liberating of the Iraq people from a murdering despot.

But Alas! The Sudanese have oil! The Sudan Tribune reported in yesterday’s edition that Sudan’s oil production is currently around 320,000 barrels per day (bpd), and is expected to reach 500,000 bpd in 2005. "Estimates of reserves range from more than 560 million barrels to over one billion, but analysts say swathes of the country are unexplored so actual reserves could be much higher." (source)

So why aren’t we in Sudan? Maybe the Administration is a bit gun shy after being bitch-slapped by the American left and the rest of the world the last time they used troops to help someone. (Please recall those on the left protesting Clinton's decison to help in Bosnia also). They obviously know there is oil there and know that they second they proport a will to intervene —the tune will change from "We’d already be in Sudan if they had oil" to "We are only helping the Sudanese because they have oil"... or maybe they are waiting for the UN to redeem themselves and actually do the job they are paid handsomely for with US tax dollars.

If you want to read about a country where the US/UN has done nothing to help an invaded and occupied people…read about the last thirty years in Cyprus. How the Cypriots have been living under Turkish occupation(Muslim) –and crying out for the world to listen and no one has. This was one of the reasons why the EU was blocking Turkey’s admission. When President Bush went to plead Turkey’s case to the EU this past summer, it was more than a little disturbing... (History of Cyprus)

What I find unsettling is this...many in Europe and the Middle East (and the ACLU) are decrying the US for 'hating Muslims', but we went into Bosnia to help Muslims, Afghanistan and Iraq to liberate Muslims, more Tsunami relief than all Arab countries combined to help Muslims...yet in the two countries where Muslims are the aggressors (Sudan, Cyprus) --the US has done nothing...


Simon said...

Let's just say you forgot about saying the whole story... and let's just add more to it!

Now, think about the Sudanese production of 320 000 barrels per day. It seems a lot. But think about the world production, a whopping 78 000 000 barrels per day in 2003 on average, this means Sudan would only produce 0.4% of the total world production. It's only a drop (of oil!) in an ocean.

So let's just not assume (like you did) that Sudan is a major player in the oil business.

Indie said...

It hurts your argument when you generalize about the “left” and our reasons for opposing the war. My opposition was rooted in the seemingly ever changing reasons for invading Iraq, both before and after.

I’ll be the first to admit the shameful lack of concern for the people of Iraq under sanctions. It’s one of the great hypocrisies of the left and the right. We claim to be outraged over human rights violations, genocide, etc., yet we never come up with a coherent plan of action. Conservatives like to talk so much about Monica, but the real stain on the Clinton Presidency was a complete lack of action in Rwanda.

As for Iraqi oil being a factor in the invasions? Well, if you believe our energy needs played no part in our decision to invade, considering among other things the decision to pull our military bases out of Saudi Arabia, you’re either naïve or uninformed. Your failure to even mention Chinese oil interests in Sudan in an essay about Sudanese oil leads me to suspect both. Congrats on making the DAOU Report.


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