Thursday, January 06, 2005

So Much for Reaching Across the Aisle...

Only two short days into the new session of Congress and the Democrats have decided to cause contention already...
Senator Barbara Boxer of California will oppose the re-election of President George W. Bush when she challenges the electoral vote tally on the floor of the Senate today. This will be the first challenge of this nature since 1969.
Barbara Boxer is even left of her own California constituents. She is strongly backed by NOW and NARAL.
-She backed Prop 56 (making it easier to raise taxes) 66% of voters opposed her stand.
-She opposed the 'Three strikes' bill - 72% of voters disagreed with her.
-She was against Prop 22 (making marriage between a man and a woman) 61% of Voters disagreed. (She does state that she is against gay marriage though).
-She backed Prop 186 (Government run health care) - 73% of her constituents disagreed.
-She OPPOSED Prop 227 (requires Public Schools to use English) -61% of voters disagreed.
-Voted against the war, against the funding of the war, against re-construction money.
-Voted against the tax cuts.
-Voted against the ban on partial birth abortion.

The California Republic calls Senator Boxer the 'Streisand of the Senate'...'self-righteous, whiny and supremely ill-informed...'

This will not change the election results, so why begin the New Year creating riffs instead of beginning to mend them? So much for all the talk from the left encouraging the President to reach across the aisle (which he has -exploring the possibility of Lieberman as HSD and asking President Clinton to help with the Tsunami relief)...
Senator Boxer...try leading by example. You are a United States Senator...not a high school girl settling a grudge.

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