Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Random January Thoughts...

I re-entered academia last night. I haven't been in school since 2002, so I missed out on the pre-election Kerry love fest. Is it my pre-conceived notions or is that left-love still palpable on the campus?
Upon entering the Education building...the first thing I see? Two bulletin boards covered with Pre-election pro-John Kerry articles...uh, kids... the election was over two months ago...and, he lost by the way. Two people in my class were wearing those new Lance Armstrong rip-off bracelets...the ones denouncing Bush... The girl next to me in full Wiccan attire, pentagram on her index finger and damn did she smell... The teacher beginning the class with a pronouncement that he had created the best scientific teaching model in PA history...until the fundamentalists in Congress overturned it because they believe in Creation. My first night back people. I felt like standing up and screaming..."It was ME...I voted for Bush...I am the Conservative!"...just to get it over with...

Did Condi rock yesterday or what?! Smack down to Barbara Boxer...Smack down SENATOR Kerry... Damn she's impressive. So knowledgeable. So precise. Such a great orator. Impossible to truly ruffle. Impossible to bait. I felt PROUD to be a woman watching her yesterday. Damn proud.

On a much more BIZARRE note...My friend Jeff WON the Dunkin Donuts contest! Jesus he really has to get married in a doughnut shop in the NEXT MONTH!!!! He thanks you all for your help... (This win isn't wasn't common knowledge I hope the couples that lost don't stumble across this somehow...)

There is a new JibJab movie that is pretty funny...Watch the Movie "Second Term"...

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