Monday, January 17, 2005

Legalize Pot...?

A Glimpse into The House of Sage:
The Man thinks that I am crazy because I think pot should be legalized... he is seriously annoyed that I think that way... Let me preface this by saying that neither The Man nor I smoke pot (yes, we have in the past, and probably even inhaled; but neither of us like it or have done it in years...)

I think that cigarettes and alcohol are worse [than pot] as they are both physically addicting and pot is psychologically addicting...and they are both legal. I think that TONS of people smoke it even though it isn't legal now and drug dealers are getting rich when we could probably finance the 'War on Terror' with tax revenue from legalizing marijuana. We could also create TONS of jobs. Prisons house people arrested for having MINIMAL amounts of pot (under some states zero-tolerance laws) and tax payer money is wasted on housing non-violent two-joint having 'criminals'.

The Man:
I smoke a lot of cigarettes, I drink a decent amount of beer and wine, but I am aware that both of these drugs are a problem.... I don't think I need to go into that further. I use hemp products at least twice a week as pipe sealant and I've also used hemp paper products; dust collectors and vacuum bags. The need for hemp is very logical. The need for pharmaceutical THC is also logical. The need for another mind altering drug available legally is not logical. So really ALa, what is the difference between pot and coke aside from the addictive quality? You say "people can drive on pot", well, I was quite able to drive on coke.... as a matter of fact, coke was sometimes the only reason I could drive depending on what I was taking the night before...So why not legalize coke? Think of the jobs it would create, think of all the dealers off the streets and the prisoners out of the system...(sarcasm font). We have enough problems with DUI's and irresponsible behavior from drinking - Why add pot?

Many people do believe in legalizing all drugs. I am not one of them. Coke, Heroin etc. are extremely addictive and the tax revenue created by legalizing them would be eaten up in Emergency Room visits, accidents, and treatment centers... Pot is a pretty mild drug...and it would be regulated, so it's not like you'd be getting Amsterdam quality bio-superskunk... or if you were we could do it like they do and de-criminalize it and you would have to buy it and smoke it in a 'cafe'...(ALa at 'High Times' in Amsterdam)

The Man:
Cafes? Like BARS? What accidents will come of coke? Who says you wouldn't be able to get stronger pot? I can get stronger Vodkas and Rums.... I can buy stronger smokes.... You point sucks. I know it's quite easy to get pot, but not nearly as easy as it would be going to a local convenience store and buying a pack of 'Stoner Joes'... So it's obvious it would be ABUSED, like drinking is - Why create another problem?

I am an adult and I should be able to choose what I do and don't do --especially when it is something that doesn't harm anyone but myself (but no more harm than the two that are already legal...nicotine & alcohol). Listen, I am not a 'legalize pot' advocate... I don't smoke it, so I really could care less. I am just using common sense here to say if almost everyone I know smokes it regardless of the 'law' then we could be paying down the deficit with that money instead of enabling dealers to put spinning rims on their cars...

The Man:
Look, you want to knock down the deficit, don't add more drugs to mix... try taking out some of the silly social programs available and maybe kill some of the killers in prison, stop supporting junkies and maybe that will put some dough in the bank. This is ridiculous... *leaves computer annoyed*

This was the conversation in our house last night after reading TWD's post and JP's Post on legalizing pot... We should have been watching a movie, but NO...we were fighting about something neither of us even partake in. The Man and I rarely disagree (unless it's about Metallica's validity or the fact that I think he is too civil to his non-paying customers) and it looks like this will have to remain one of the rare instances that we don't agree... I'm sure those of you that are versed in the benefits/evils of marijuana can present better arguments...but this is where we decided to leave it (because he was getting pissed...)

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