Saturday, January 15, 2005

Keystone Soldiers -of Lou Dobbs fame...

Keystone Soldiers has a program that is similar to Operation Shoe Fly, but the donated shoes go to IRAQ and OSF's go to Afghanistan. I know after the holidays many of you are making room for all the Christmas booty and instead of throwing out all those kid's shoes that don't fit ...put them in a box and ship them over to Keystone!
Keystone Soldiers, PO Box 152 Fleetwood, Pa 19522.

In Iraq, 1st Lt. Sloan has been handing out the shoes and below is a letter written by him that Keystone has posted on their page:

"Thanks for the links. I was quite surprised to see the article. I must admit I am not used to this type of publicity. I just wanted to help some people out and it seems to have grown quite considerably.

At this point my count has exceeded 1000 shoes received and of that number, I have approx. 200 pairs waiting to be handed out. I am attempting to find a more streamlined method of distributing the shoes. At this point our methods are still somewhat crude.

The last time I took one of my Gun Trucks out on another Unit's convoy because they just happened to be going to a neighborhood friendly to the U.S. and was also very poor. Well we were able to hand out approx. 300 pairs of shoes there but began to get shot at, so we took that as our request to leave.

The hardest part of this process is handing out the shoes in such a way that the leader of each little village, or sheikh if you will, is the one who takes the credit for making this happen. It is their way of doing things. When I do this I have to coordinate with that leader and ask his permission. Even then I usually give the shoes to that person for him to distribute. It is a very difficult process to navigate but so long as the children and those in need get the shoes, it doesn't really matter who gets the credit! Thanks again for making this happen!"

If you don't have kids there are other ways to help the troops - Keystone also takes donations to send care packages and has posted details on how to
'Make a Soldier Your Valentine' HERE.

Email Keystone Soldiers
Browse Keystone's Info-packed site
*This poster can be purchased at Keystone's website and when you buy one-one will also be sent to a soldier's family..."Soldier's Plea"

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