Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Iraqi Election...

This will not be the hard-core look at the Iraqi Election that the ever-awesome Kat has posted on her site...but more of a question --or a few of them.

My question is this... If the impending Iraqi election is bogus (as the left is saying) --and we are only going to install a puppet regime...Why are the terrorists fighting so hard against it? Why did Zarqawi declare 'war against democracy'? Why do they feel it necessary to fight so hard against elections that have no meaning?

"We have declared a bitter war against the principle of democracy and all those who seek to enact it."
--Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

My second question is this...Why is the world not rallying to make sure Democracy happens -- the way they rallied to Tsunami relief? Are these 25 million people less important? Have they not been through unspeakable horrors for the last 35 years?

And finally, my third question...Is the hate for the President so strong that it would overpower the desire to ensure freedom for the Iraqis? Is the left so set on seeing a Bush-Iraq failure that they would sacrifice 25 million people? Are France, Germany and Russia so ruffled at being ignored that they would not seek to ensure stability in a country that sits in their own backyard and an ideology that threatens them as well?

Despite the escalated terrorism the latest Iraqi poll showed that 90% of Iraqis are still planning to vote! This is a people that can taste freedom...and want it!

I read an article yesterday, in the normally US-bashing UK paper 'The Guardian', and was pleasantly surprised at the lucidity of the author -William Shawcross.

"Just look at who is trying to stop Iraqis voting and by what methods. That alone shows how important this week's elections are to Iraq....

The horrific war against the Iraqi people is being run by the same people who oppressed and tortured them for decades - Saddam's henchmen and gaolers. They are more than ably abetted by the Islamofascist jihadists led by Osama bin Laden's Heydrich in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi....

Blair is absolutely right. It is shocking that so few democratic governments support the Iraqi people. Where are French and German and Spanish protests against the terror being inflicted on voters in Iraq? And it is shocking that around the world there is not wider admiration of, assistance to and moral support (and more) for the Iraqi people. The choice is clear: movement towards democracy in Iraq or a new nihilism akin to fascism - Islamist fascism...." (source)

I don't see Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts having telethons to ensure the freedom of 25 million people. I don't see other countries sending troops to ensure a smooth election.
...What I do see is the Iraqi people becoming a talking point -a statistic -and political pull toy. They seem to have been lost in the political shuffle and people need to put their partisan differences aside -there approval or disapproval of the war... And honestly hope for a chance at self-governance for a people that have known nothing but intimidation and the rule of despotism...

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