Thursday, January 20, 2005

Inauguration Red Carpet...

So I would rather watch an Inauguration, a State of the Union or President Reagan's funeral than the Oscars... and I guess that makes me a geek. But I LOVE the Pomp & Circumstance. The precision, the military bands and flag bearers, the 21 gun salute... I love the flag waving in the wind. I love what it represents.
As I was watching today, I noticed a glaring absence in the ceremony --Joan & Melissa Rivers... Have no fear; I am here to give you the run down.

-President Clinton looked good -the best that I have seen him look since his surgery and he was sporting a Cashmere Burberry scarf (same one I have).
-Condi looked great in a black fur beret and matching fur trimmed coat (There was an amazing amount of fur -I guess PETA was kept at bay with the other protestors)
-Girls after my own heart choosing fashion over comfort...were Jenna Bush, Lynne Cheney and Laura Bush. None wore coats as not to obscure their wonderful suits.
-Other twin Barbara had a wonderful baby blue Jackie O style coat with a pair of the best black high-boots I have seen.
-Jeb Bush was taking pictures with a disposable (?) camera...Go figure.
-Barbara Bush (senior) was the fashion disappointment of the day. Baby blue suit pants, navy blue jacket with a bright red scarf draped over her shoulders. Your son is only the 16th President in history to be reelected...dress like you're proud...
-I am sure my mom will be upset that Bush wore a light blue tie instead of a red 'power-tie'.
-Orin Hatch actually wrote the first song that was sung at the ceremony.
-Amongst the sea of dead animal pelts -there were also more cowboy hats that I have ever seen in one gathering...

On a far less shallow note and switching from the Rivers two to Brit Hume mode -some things that stood out for me from Bushie's speech:

-"I am mindful of the consequential times in which we live."
-"Defined not by words I speak, but history we have witnessed together."
-"Then there was a Day of Fire. We have seen our vulnerability and seen its deepest source."
-"No one is fit to be a master and no one deserves to be a slave."
-"Ultimate goal -Ending tyranny in the world."
-"The best hope for peace in our world is the expansion of hope and freedom in all of the world."
-"Oppression is always wrong -and freedom always morally right."
-"To the youngest citizens among us -believe the evidence of your eyes."

CONGRATULATIONS to President Bush for being in the elite club of sixteen Presidents in the history of this US of A to be reelected to serve a second term. And congratulations to him for increasing GOP seats in the Congress and among the ranks of Governors across the country.


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