Monday, January 10, 2005

I'm a 'South Park' Republican...Who Knew?!

Not sure if you guys have read much about this, but some infighting was taking place on the Conservative Blogs over the weekend...
Apparently, The American Family Association, Campaign for Children and Families, Concerned Women For America (all socially conservative groups) are angry that Kid Rock was asked to play at an Inaugural party that is being thrown by the Bush twins.

Kid Rock has not only supported the troops, but supported President Bush (refusing publicly to see Fahrenheit 9/11). But apparently he isn't good enough for these right wing groups.

Michelle Malkin (who, truthfully, is farther right than I am socially) surprised the hell out of me when she posted about this and agreed with the family groups...even going as far to call those that want Kid Rock "South Park conservative-types"... Michelle! I thought you were only my age... This is NO way to 'rock the vote' dear. The GOP -party of the fuddy-duddy?

Picking up Malkin's thread, Blog-God Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom fame then wrote about Michelle's post...disagreeing of course. I was shocked as I read that many of the comments agreed with Malkin's view instead of Jeff's. People?! Jeff and AllahPundit went back and forth in the comments and here are two of Jeff's remarks that sum up the heart of the debate:

"And why isn’t he given center stage? Because he’s not a “proper” Bush supporter? Not representative enough of the “values” of the party? Puts a bad face on the brand? No, the very fact that he’s not allowed to take center stage is precisely the problem, as I see it."
"So the individual should comform to the party then? Walk in lock step, should they wish to flash the membership card—that it?
Anyway, who’s saying that by playing at an inauguration ball he is “representative” of anything more than a guy who supports Bush? He’s a musician who will be playing music. He’s not being named Education secretary." Have I said how much I love Jeff?

The Presidential Inaugural Committee seems to be backing down to this pressure, now saying that Kid Rock isn't a confirmed guest. This is so ridiculous. Maybe I am a South Park Conservative-Type (or a South Park Republican as some were dubbing the 'faction') and I am embracing that. I am NOT old before my time. I let my kids watch TV, listen to Kid Rock and Eminem, I have no problem with Playboy or Maxim, I am not ashamed of nudity or sex and I think jokes about poop are funny. So there. Rescind my membership if you want, but I would love to see President Bush and Kid Rock on the same stage. Just as the Democrats need to take their party back from the Michael Moores and the Mumia supporters...the right-leaning thirty-somethings need to make sure the GOP isn't an reflection of the Jerry Falwells --chasing away future conservative voters with their penance for censorship and elitism...

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