Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I May Stand Alone....

...but I don't care. I STILL believe that weapons of mass destruction went into Syria from Iraq.

There have been numerous intelligence reports of 18-wheel convoys going from Iraq to Syria before the war began. "On Dec. 24, 2002, nearly three months before fighting in Iraq began, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon accused Saddam Hussein's regime of transferring key materials for his weapons of mass destruction (WMD) programs to Syria in convoys of 18-wheel trucks to hide them from U.N. weapons inspectors." (source, source)

Every intelligence agency in the world said Iraq had WMD -CIA, MI6, France, Germany, Russia, the UN, the Clinton Administration and the Bush Administration. They were ALL wrong? Isn't it less of a stretch to think that they were moved...Was Saddam that smart (or stupid as the case may be)to fool the entire world?
Lt. Col. Bill Cowan (Ret) said that there are credible reports of truck convoys going into Syria hours before the war began. He says that the US didn't pay much attention to this because they were much more concerned with the impending war and what was to come. Cowan went on to say that he (and others in the military/intelligence community) believe that 'at a minimum it was pre-cursors of WMD that crossed the border before the war began'.

What we know now is that arms and fighters are still pouring over the border from Syria and that military intelligence believes that Syria has been integral in the aiding and abetting of former members of the Baathist Regime. Syria is believed to be the main financier of the insurgence taking place in the Sunni triangle.
If this is the case...why wouldn't the Administration be screaming this from the mountain tops to justify the war to the naysayers?
"Shoshana Bryen regularly escorts groups of retired U.S. military flag officers (admirals and generals) to Israel for meetings with senior Israeli political and military leaders, as well as intelligence officials.”We went to Israel just before the war and just after," she tells Insight. "Both times, Israeli intelligence officials told us, yes, WMD were definitely in Iraq, and that they had been sent to Syria." The Bush administration was trying to downplay these reports, she believes, "because if Iraqi weapons are in Syria, we're going to have to do something about it, and they don't want another war." (source)

We have not been tough enough on Syria --the fact that Syrians are still crossing into Iraq to kill our troops is proof of that. President Bush imposed limited sanctions in May, but obviously that was not enough. Richard Armitage recently met with Bashar Assad, Syria's President, but more needs to be done. I am not advocating or suggesting we go to war with Syria...but I think in light of all the intelligence we have -the world needs to rally this time and do what they did not do with Saddam...stand behind their words of warning and use the power of international cohesion to effect change.

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